Cheesy enough? Oh whats wrong .

January 30, 2014

I enjoy reading them. Lang Leav. The sets of beautiful words.

Now I am trying to have random word for the poem.

A level - United Kingdom
Never thought I would step this far
Once I dreamt I was there
And I woke up - I was still here.

He might says you're ugly
He might says you're not
Tell yourself then 
I am. 

Its funny. 
To know how an organ can break
But that's the term. That's the feeling.
Heart Break. 

They don't try - they don't please
They fascinate. 
They die - and its life . 

Make us to meet
The one that we've been longing for
With the prayers for the unknown - you. 
Its fate that I finally meet you.

Love for who I am 

As if it heals pain
Then that's least I can wish for
It's for you to laugh.

When you're unable to say it
Let your deeds portray 
So I can feel it too

That was the other day 
You say that you're okay?
Then what the tears supposed to mean?

An upward curve 
On your face
Tell me that you're happy
But I was

The other day ,
I know the heart breaks
Scattered into pieces 
Though I try - i'd never know
How exactly I can fix it. 
So I pray. 

Maybe you heard me. 
God did answer the prayers. 

You laugh
You say you're okay
I know its pain
that you're trying to hide.
with the smile on your face

Did I tell you? Its the feelings and the eyes.
They never lie like the words do. 
I feel you

I love you 
For who you are for the last two days. For the current seconds
Till death - till we both laugh on our grey hairs
Didn't I tell you?
Is for today
Was for yesterday. 
And may it last someday

Its okay for you to leave me someday
Maybe your turn would be earlier than mine
Or maybe , it was me that'll be leaving first
Or even , we never met in the world
May we reunite there . May we meet and be lovers there. 

OH , that's my heart , beating for you. 

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