Hey best friends , the friendship would last right?

January 11, 2014

No one would know how their future would be drawn - where , with whom , why and how?

The one that you once hate that much and today both of you sharing numerous of personal stories - eating and laughing on lawak lawak bertaraf hambar. The thoughts that you once hate them - and the thoughts that you'll break if they left. 

Future , betul Allah yang hold. His perfect plans. Arranging the puzzles of life. 

I was having lunch with my best friend - we're talking about old days - future days - random stories - laughing on a not-laughable-topics . I remember how much I hated her in previous years , my diaries witnesses lots of hatred and how broken I was when I claimed she stole my best friends - taking away the attentions . We celebrated our eight years knowing each other here in INTEC past few days. But the fact that I've been close to her only for the past 3 years ( even though we knew each other exist in this world before ). 

I confessed to her. " Kau tahu , aku pernah benci kau." Benci yang macam , I can't even stand seeing her sitting with my group of best friends. But again , the beauty of fates . Now I can say , I know how hurtful it'll be later - spending our last semester here in intec and later that I know , we'll both say good bye to each other , no matter how many vows we vowed to each other that we'll constantly update our life have been treating us , despite the distance we'll face. I know there'll be one time , masing masing akan sibuk dengan kehidupan sendiri , and we forgot all the little things that matters a lot in friendships. We'll stop the mails - having an awkward skype calls - and we no longer shares the same path on careers and lots of things will end. 

Nevertheless , I hope that I would never forget to remember the good times exist. All those notes I jot down. I hope we don't face any awkward skype calls - we both know we'll have a new circle of friends - a new circle of surrounding . We don't stop the mails - whatsapps - messages . We'll always have good topics to share - because I always wanted to know how your love life had been , how you've been doing for degree's , how hard the life was for you , because I wanted to be there , because we knew , friendship is for good and bad times. 

I already faced moments , yang claim kita kawan baik , but talking to you does not make me feel at ease . Talking to you makes me feel uncomfortable , it seems like we can't discuss things because we both had different ideas regarding it. Saying that I miss you - but I just don't know where Do I really miss you and the moment you said that you miss me too , I thought that was merely a courtesy. Aku taknak jadi macam ni , because when I say that I miss you , I don't really question myself , betul kah aku rindu? 

We don't really need to communicate every day . BUT , despite that , I could not just accept that we're not communicating to each other so you only include me in your du'as without even trying to type a single Hello or Take Care. That was short , but that could matter a lot to me. 

Take care , andai satu masa kita dah tak mampu berjabat tangan. Tak mampu nak peluk sama sendiri deliver kekuatan , atau merasai gelombang suara secara dekat. Akan ada masa , aku buat lawak , dan aku cuma mampu menahan rasa bila kau kata 'hahahahaha' . 

I am going to miss you best friends. That laugh on my stupid jokes. My harsh sarcasms. I'll miss you. I do. I'll be cherishing the moments we're here together. So that again , later if we're able to breathe at our 40's ,  we'll be able to reminisce our memories back then when we're 20's. 

its been so long since I include personal photo's . She's the one that I confessed to , that I once hate her , for the reasons god knows why. Nurain Syuhadah Abdul Rahman :')

different sets of best friends in two different era's / era hingusan - era masih berhingus tapi kurang sikit hahah. The upper part , my Mek's family , gross familia in intec - chuos , ainos and ajlos and me , najuwos? haha
The lower part - my Selandar's GF , aireen , najwa , liana, aqila , ain , sofea , syida :D 

I had lots more but these people can be considered close. Kot. hahah self claim maybe. 

Later that I know, I am going to have another sets of best friends when I enrolled in degree , no matter how , when , why , where I guess the previous sets would last till death insyaAllah. 

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