Gelukkige verjaardag anis najwa.

May 24, 2013

Since I wanted to go to a village name Giethoorn Netherlands , so I speak Dutch. Aicewah tetiba.

Finally. I'm One Nine. Its Two Four o Five One Nine Nine Four.

Anis Najwa Nazari.
سعيد عيد ميلاد أنيس نجوى.
de joyeux anniversaire

생일 축하합니다
selamat hari ulang tahun

So I love birthday. Because it reminds me lots of things such as you're getting older and you need to be wiser. Next you're nearer to the another life. Next , its because of all the wishes and du'a. I feel blessed. Hari kita didoakan secara dozen kali dozen. hew :3

Through years , let me recall back how my birthday was celebrated.

When I was in standard 2. My mum packed me sweets and apollo dalam bekas kotak  telur kertas orang kahwin dedulu. Sekarang dah rare laa kot orang pakai kotak kertas tu. Masa tu 2 Merah, Miss Chong , my beloved bahasa Melayu and English teacher. Dia susun kotak tu macam kek and we're like blowing candle on it. Its virtual candle, you feel it by heart. Ahaks. ayat. I still remember that day. That one lovely day.

Naik sekolah menengah , its rare to celebrate my birthday di sekolah mahupun rumah. If its celebrated , its whether diawalkan mahupun dilambatkan. Sebab waktu birthday aku biasanya aku tengah berjuang dalam medan verbal war HKSBP. Since I was in form 2.

Masa form 1. The thing that I remembered was Kak Hannah Aminah which now, a puan :) make me a lovely love birthday card with a bar of black forest chocolate. She came to 1 Perdana and hand it by herself. TERHARU KITA . Akak dorm sanggup buat camtu :")

Masa form 2. Masa tu tengah dalam prep room dekat Sekolah Menengah Sultan Abdul Halim, Jenan for short. Masatu adaa budak SMAP Kajang dalam prep room yang sama. I was so sleepy that night and one of my senior said. Ohhhh padanlah mengantuk, birthday dia rupanya. Haha. Sir Suhaimi bought me a cake on my fourteenth birthday and I still kept  a piece of the birthday cake's box.

Masa form 3, I got to celebrate my birthday at home. Finally. Masatu Ayu, Yana , Qila ada sekali ikut balik :") Terharu saya. haha.

I hardly remember how I celebrate my birthday when I was 16. But when I was 17, I celebrated my birthday at TKC. And I called Syazni * as far as I could remember* Before I went there, my parents gimme a box of present and I can only open it on my birthday night. I was discussing with my debate mates. Aaaaa nice one I guess. I got a blouse and a skirt :) An orange blouse. My best birthday present I can say. That day , I won both of the debate game, against Faris Petra and one other school, I couldn't remember. And I'm the best speaker for both game :) Alhamdulillah , I end my debate career with a  victory :') Meskipun bukan johan kumpulan, because Sains Selangor * kot* is at the first rank, I'm glad we're second and I am the leader to that team :)

When I was 18. The night before, I cried badly because I was scold by my mother I guess. And I was really sad because of I thought that she forgot about the date and I off my phone that night. People hardly reach me. Early in the morning, Nurin Nadzlah came to my house and she entertained me on that day. Such as teman buat kad BSN, first atm card. Next, sanggup tunggu dekat Putra , tunggu aku buat x-ray. Next , supposedly we're watching Hoore Hoore together that day, but she had a small accident. That day, I went back home by bus alone :")

Now I'm 19. I'm home and the way I celebrate it , through social nets. Ahaks.

Happy Birthday Anis Najwa. Grow up wiser. An age older. A step further to death. In the barakah of Jumaat. I am so blessed. 24th of May 2013. Bersyukur ke hadrat Ilahi, kerana masih dipinjamkan masa nyawa tenaga hingga ke hari ini. Alhamdulillah.

Beee Teeee DoubleUuuuuu. Dear future someone, can you sing me this and with the dance? Click

heeee. I am glad if you do.

Now lets dance.

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