May 19, 2013

Ugh hello blog. Its holiday yet I am so so lazy to keep you updated. I am freakin' lazy and I am enjoying the real life better.

So what did I do during the ho-li-day-day. I did a lot * lah sangat * of things. Such as being a so-called 'debate trainer' for the Sbpi Selandar's debate team .The fact that I am scared there's no one replacing my third speaker's place. And I'm trying hard to make one. At least a small effort from me such as  giving out my knowledge and shares some skills can gimme a good third speaker within 3 week * ends* erks. Its dammit hard. *fainted out yet still typing. lulz * 

Next, I've been a bad driver all these days. Nope, its not that kind of bad. I still had that knowledge on how a " P LICENSE HOLDER" should behave but at some points, I suck. There was once I am driving at the wrong line and almost hit a car at the car park. I repeat, car park. And I guess parking cause lots of nightmare. Last time, I had my ergh moment parking my car in Tesco. I forget my signals. Eh hello. My bad. sigh.

Next, I meet a part of GEEEEEEEEEEF. Moh le kita menulis dalam bahasa ibunda tercinta. Saya telah berjumpa dengan Noorliana Masri setelah setahun terpisah. Aicewah.  Jumpa juga dengan Nurul Aqila. Yang tak pernah pula terpisah. Dan kami mengimbau kenangan nostalgia bersama di Sbpi Selandar yang cemerlang dan berwawasan. Kerana ia, terlahirlah insan yang gemilang seperti kami, hendaknya. Insyaallah.

Ku biarkan gambar bicara.

Last but not least. 

No matter where we come from, its where we're heading to :)

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