May 09, 2013

Well Assalamualaikum, idk how to express this but practically I am lovin' it. Its ho-li-day. Who hates holiday? Its not me or not me. I've been waiting for this moment for few weeks. And finally God bless me. Ya Allah thanks for making the clock ticks faster. Dang !

And now , let me spills out things that I've been through in the second semester. Well its literally drama with emotions and hatred. The exam day was great. I guess. So. Had a bad start with statistic. But Allah ease me through. Berkat doa orang sekeililing. Terima kasih.

In the moment when I felt that studying was the worse ever phase for a human can deal with. I started to ponder upon my surrounding. Well its not really surrounding isn't it when I watch the surrounding through the laptop Ey? Ai? I spent my exam week with O and G. Obstetric and Gynecologist . A korean drama which literally success in making me sad for not being in the doctor-to-be path. Episodes by episodes. Seeing babies. Handicapped babies. Emotion-over parents. And sometimes I do question , how do you feel like having a handicapped baby? and yeaaaa siapa nak layan soalan perempuan gila tatkala exam economics, tanya soalan ala-ala kehidupan 10 tahun akan datang. End-up tak dilayan. Masing-masing sibuk berjuang. Sambil bersosial di alam maya. Sibuk sangat . Kan. Itu dikira apa? Sambil menyelam minum air?

Next, while I was in my exam mode. And I choose to study inside the bedroom because my table almost don't look like a table, since I am very good in campak + mix + and mash up everything gaya busy kuasa 10 on the study table. Dang ! Next. My bed. I am someone bad in organizing papers . But you can't say no to your lecturers when they give you bundles of exercises in the P.A.P.E.R , end up I sleep on the floor. Because the bed and the table seems to be fated to be that way. Maaf. Out of sudden tetiba terfikir pasal kahwin awal ? How I am supposed to get married at this age, with all these un-organized papers. Thanks to Allah for giving me great-mind-think-alike roomate. Hehe. We're never good in kemas kemas thing. True story. Last-last macam orang separuh gila and I can say I hate clearance day.

Next. Bila rasa macam explode dengan nota semua yang berkajang. Tulisan gaya doktor. I thought studying still the worst phase in human life. It come across I heard some adult conversations. They haven't get their salary for the month and sighing over and over again. Then I came to think . I kept complaining about eating inferior goods such as maggie and kawan yang sewaktun dengannya. I get the money without any effort to earn it. Yet some people working so hard to earn these papers and coins. Mungkin tiba masa untuk reflect, muhasabah dan bersyukur?

Lastly. I come to conclusion. During exams. Or during studying. People rarely bother about whats happening in the world surround them. Kadang-kadang tu lupa nak bersyukur waktu senggang. Bila waktu sempit, baru rasa nak tambah bilangan sujud. Susah cari Tuhan. Sedang masa berjimba, lupa yang Allah atur siang malam perfect, tengah bulan , bulan terang , lupa nak ucap Subhanallah . Because we're the so-called busy people all day long.

After all. For the time being. My full attention goes to study. Saat rasa macam nak mengalah di tengah jalan ( wallaaaa this thing happened through exam nak masuk masuk exam. Dia punya degree demotivated seluas banjaran Himalaya. Erks. ) , selalu aku ingatkan diri sendiri supaya makan dengan motivasi diri. Yang namanya pejuang tak berhenti di tengah jalan. , yang namanya berjuang di jalan Allah takkan berhenti di saat perjuangan.

Kata nak jadi Muslimah hebat.

Ameen :)

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