Look Upon.

May 30, 2013

Assalamualaikum, now when the mind triggering something, its better to write it down fast ( adrenaline rush )

So in some ways, you feel that , you're honored more than what you expect.


terharu. When I am no one. But you honored me. 

I've always look upon on someone , amazed on the talent that other people had . Like being in debate field, years after years , it started when I define debate is fun. Because one of my first match were in Kedah. A long journey which I considered as fun, so debate tak menang pun takpe. Luls. Up till in 2009. When I saw one of my senior were very upset because we're not proceeding to the second stage , we're very close to it. Very close. Bila mana aku tengok muka dia, I define debate more than a fun. Bukan sebab dapat berjalan keluar dari sekolah. Enjoying good time whenever people were struggling in class hour. Bukan itu lagi definisi debate.

Gathering experience. Different styles of debating. Amazed. And I ponder upon, who will be look upon to me. Never had that thoughts. I guess no one would.

I guess 2011 is a success for me as a debater. As someone who're into verbal world for about 4 years. I am more serious on that particular time, maybe its because I'm older. I guess. Because I tend to focus more. I have my own dream. I want to leave my verbal world with at least a victory that I would remember. I did. Alhamdulillah. And I remembered that one night during FRSIS, an international symposium that I joined. A woman , a teacher maybe or I don't know. ( I guess she's one of the judge , or the spectator when I was presenting my project ) . Those words enlighten my life. Once. And forever will be.

I was walking back to my dormitory.

" Hello , you're Anis Najwa right? " said that woman. I nodded my head. 
" I saw you present just now, even though you don't manage to present at the international session , I am so amazed with the way how you talk and you present. It really come from your heart and I love it so much"


Terima kasih.

That is one moment where I loose my words. She look upon my talent :')

And there were moments that people noticed me after my school years ,  some said that they adore me as a debater. And even ajlaa tak percaya sekarang dia kawan dengan someone yang dia amazed dalam verbal war dulu. Ahaks.

Things go way more than what I expect.

after all, being someone in the eyes of Allah is the aim. The solely goal.

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