How it feels like when your heart pierced by the blade.

July 10, 2013

My heart is aching badly , well I can't really say how it feels like. Not even bleeding. But then it ache.

I guess.

My Math paper force me to act this way, I am dropping my Math. I am not that kind of sure is my decision right or wrong but then mungkin through time I'll be half healed. Mungkin.

The moment when I go through my math paper, i FEEL BAD. Because , its not completely like I am dumb kuasa seratus on math but then for silly and unforgivable mistakes. Like writing your answers using pencils and your marks were deducted about half of the actual marks. And I feel so bad. Next about organizing the answers. That was pretty harmless too. Entahlah. Allah nak suruh belajar la kot first ramadhan ni. Dying crying semua macam tak guna. Entahlah. But one thing that I am sure is. It caused my heart ached.

Sebab aku rasa, I can score better. Tapi.

Bunyi macam tak redha dengan keputusan sendiri tapi takdir Allah kan. Who are you to question on things that you don't supposed to mention it pun kan? apa tah yang aku fikir dalam kepala.

Allah. Bagi aku redha. Bagi aku sabar. Bagi aku tenang.

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