*kisses on forehead* - You're loved.

August 19, 2013

No matter how hard you're tested. When you're able to walk again. Brace yourself to move forward.

You're loved. 

[ pemilik asal ]

Because the beauty of being tested is you're able to seek the real you. How strong would you be. You're able to be someone that you never imagined you'd be. Because past few days you thought that your degree of strength and capability meet at this one point, today , your degree of strength go beyond you can imagine. 

Ujian mendekatkan hamba dengan Pemiliknya. 

The moment when you're feeling hopeless , He sent you surroundings. There were people that always try to bring you down to the deepest sorrow. But you realized it when these people can't bring you down because you're loved by a surrounding that lift you up. There are moment saying that you're incapable to walk through the path set up. But then, you never realized when you said those line, you're still walking through - slowly , gathering the spiritual courage - that come from no where. BUT you know, you're loved.


These lovely people send you numerous of prayers.

Allah sayang sebab tu Dia bagi ujian. 
Ujian datang ( baik atau buruk ) semuanya berlaku sebab Allah izin. 
Allah bukan saja saja bagi ujian - sebab ujian itu peringatan. 
Nak ingatkan yang dah jauh. Nak ingatkan yang dah alpa. 
Nak kuatkan yang sedia ada. Nak menambahkan kekuatan yang kita tak sedar kita ada.


Mungkin ada mulut sinis yang kata : Baru sekarang nak ingat Tuhan. 

...  hidup layan definisi mulut manusia - kau merana ...

Biarlah. Aku bersyukur kerana diingatkan. Allah. Jangan tinggalkan aku sorang. 

Bless the life of those people who sent hope to someone. Who dedicate prayers to someone. Who love someone. Because of these people that You sent , they give virtual - physical *kisses on forehead* , knowing that I'm loved. 

* hugs * 

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