Flowers - I love flowers.

August 27, 2013

These days what I posted inside the blog really portrays the hard phase I am going through.

And I eventually forget to see things in another angle. I stressed myself. And I forget that I wasted my time. To not value and appreciate things surround.

Have I told you I love flowers? Yes I do. Cliche aite for  a girl to madly deeply in love with flowers. Its a clear equation. A really clear one. Girl = flowers. I can spend my time in-front of the laptop searching for flowers pictures. Inside the tumblr and randomly post flowers pictures on the timeline because its simply colourful and give one sense of calmness. Even a flower would die and the beauty of it will fade through time - they once gimme smiles on faces. Give me a sense of tranquility. How it feels like eh to lie on a bed of roses?

Aku rasa nak pergi Holland , sebab nak duduk tengah tengah bundles of flowers.
Nak pergi mana mana field yang penuh dengan bunga. I even wanted to go to Taman Seribu Bunga in Melaka. Ehee.

They do not need to try so hard . They can make me smile just by seeing them gloom. 

Sebab fitrah manusia tu suka pada kecantikan. Maka cantiklah di mata Tuhan. Pasti jatuh sayang dengan diri sendiri :')

Its just I wanna spill here. Because I miss you eh?

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