Cantiklah di mata Tuhan :)

August 28, 2013

This morning when I am walking to the class , walking through the field . 

"Bila tak mampu cantik dalam definisi manusia, berusahalah untuk cantik di mata Tuhan "

         Sebab tak rasa diri kena judge. Tak rasa discriminated sebab acknowledge yang Allah tak discriminate manusia ikut skala kecantikan. 

         Sebab what differentiate a human to another human ialah Taqwa. Taqwa is define as pengabdian secara menyeluruh seorang hamba  kepada Tuhannya. Pengabdian? Secara menyeluruh? Any specific measurement to say that ? No and infact kita realize yang kita tak own pun any measurement nak ukur besar kecik taqwa kita. 

But WAIT... 

We have the strategies on how to increase or to strengthen the invisible bond we had between the Al- Mighty.  For me , when you're able to rely your faith , to strongly believe in what is fated , being able to see things  such as problems as something that we can learn from , to put the trust solely on Him , decreasing your dependency towards human , believe that the connectors between you and Him is through prayers ( your 5 solat wajib + solat solat sunat + doa + recital of Al-Quran ) and anything that make you and Him closer .

Feel free to read this Nilai Taqwa Dalam Kehidupan.

But you have to know , jalan menuju kebaikan ni tak sunyi dengan dua benda - satu is where kita berjalan dengan orang yang sama sama seek kebaikan dan dua jalan kita dihalang oleh anasir seperti syaitan , ataupun manusia yang bertopengkan syaitan or any disturbance that might exist in between

Disturbance boleh jadi macam tiba-tiba jadi riak dengan good deeds yang kita buat. Or apa yang kita buat memang hanya untuk attract humans attentions . And at that particular moment , Allah dah sediakan cure untuk penyakit hati berbentuk duniawi ni - which is by reciting Astagfirullahalazim . Say it like thousand times and mend balik niat " Aku buat ni kerana Allah " 

ONE DAY you will realize that depending on human too much can cause you heartbreak at the end of the day because human naturally breaks , neither purposely or by accident . One day you will realize that you're trying so hard to blend into the society that demand so much thing from you and you need a comfort zone. The comfort zone , the truly comfort is when you're close to Him. Dia tak mintak banyak. Infact He's the only One that completely understands you without you telling Him what you feel because you know that He knows everything. He's the wishes granter. He sooth the heart through His words in Al- Furqan . Whenever the world is not taking your side , you always hope that He will come and rescue. He's  anywhere , anytime when you need Him. With Him , you can tell everything - you can spill and cry. To Him you thank for everything you got inside your life. Its only you who leave Him behind , who seek Him during hardships. Despite all the shits we do , He still open a path whenever we need them to go back to Him.  Betullah manusia itu berbalik pada fitrahnya - fitrah agama pabila diri terasa sempit dan sesak. 

Bila tak mampu untuk cantik di mata manusia. 
Moga aku cantik dimata-Mu Tuhan :') 

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