Aberystwyth dan ketenangan.

January 15, 2015

Seperti post post #theanisnajwamusafir yang sebelum sebelum ni , aku kadang rasa its a must to jot down about places I've went to , sebab aku rasa there's one day I'll may look through the posts I've been writing , thus find more reasons to be happy when I am left with none. Because that's where memories play a part in life and to travel is to see the places yang Allah jadikan , like magnificently see how Allah jadikan different places with different scenery plus different people and temperature jugak.And thus you have many more reasons to praise Him. 

So my travel diary for 2015 started with Aberystwyth , Wales. Mungkin people yang tak familiar with parts of UK would find Aberyswyth berbunyi odd dan camano eh nak pronounce this place? Pronounce ikut the ejaan leuls. So Aber is a part of Wales , where Lisa Surihani got her law degree from , Aberystwyth University ( ke University of Aberystwyth ) k nak gak mention Lisa bahahahha. I got plenty of friends studying here and maybe itu faktor terbesar kenapa this place is a must visit for me. Sebab my friend selalu pay a visit + sleep over my house in Cardiff and it seems unfair kalau dia je travelling back and forth to Cardiff and I'm here berguling guling hahah.

So it was unplanned exactly meskipun dah banyak kali mention nak pergi situ pergi sini. Its like so sudden , dan dan baru hantar assignment criminal law plus aku dah mencapai tahap makan - tidur - berguling- tidur balik - lupa balas whatssap orang sebab ngantuk and the list goes on and on and on haha. So I booked a megabus ticket sebab dekat UK I guess dia ada sistem beli awal dapat murah beli lambat dapat mahal. Tapi maybe megabus adalah satu binatang yang tak berapa affected dengan fluctuated prices bahah suka hati je k. Pergi balik cost me 10.00 + 50 pence booking fee. How I really miss real bus ticket yang boleh kumpul kumpul dalam purse sampai purse jadi tebal berkepuk bukan kerna duit namun tiket wayang + bas + tah pape resit wahahahahahahah k. Me being a woman k. Sekarang semua buat online and you just need to show your reservation number through phone and thats it . I guess people do really save trees these days. haha ( mengurangkan penggunaan kertas kah kah )

These days I found that I'm not a long haul journey tolerant. Sebab naik je bas rasa nak muntah , dulu balik dari Hope to Cardiff pun I consumed a motion sickness pill ( pastu pergi minum coffee , how irony was that? ) hahah. Nak tidur tapi pergi minum coffee ( but I did sleep since coffee was not meant for me to stay awake keh keh ) Tapi sebab the journey was at night , I forced myself to sleep. We arrived Aberysywth pukul 1.00 rasanya , then our friends fetch us from the station , by legs. Sometimes aku terfikir yang walking at night , dengan semuanya perempuan sounds not safe at all back in Malaysia , tapi dekat sini , I guess I don't have those kinds of feelings sebab I did feel safe , maybe sebab tak pernah pulak keluar rumah pukul 1.00 pagi kat Malaysia dulu but logically its a criminal prone situation la kot , but not here , alhamdulillah sampai balik ke Cardiff dah pun haha. 

The first thing we do masa sampai was to buy a late night supper from the kebab store. Sesungguhnya aku merindui makanan selain kebab haha because all we have here in all halal food stores were kebabs and friends. Then I slept like at 5 am that night and pukul 7 bangun dah nak siap siap jenjalan dekat Aber because we planned like a very very short trip ke Aber Jumaat malam - Ahad pagi ( I originally planned nak ke Devils Bridge tengok waterfall and river tapi they don't provide any trains in January like whyyyyy !?! ) . During the day we went to the castle yang dah runtuh tinggal kubu kubu dia je haha , sebelah laut / pantai miahahha aku taktahu nak describe ni pantai ke laut since ombak dia kuat and the breeze was like gilaaaaaa kuat . Just so you know why Aberyswyth dan ketenangan , its because I did feel at ease looking at the sea. Which I hardly find one dekat Cardiff. Though ombak dia cam ganas , still the feeling at ease was there , Aberystwyth as a whole is tenang , because they had like a very small town yang tak berapa nak sibuk and dia comel. Hahah how to describe a town comel , but seriously comel hahah. We spent like hours jugak dekat situ playing with the swings and the see-saw lols then pergi shopping dekat Morisson naik bas ( then excited cari kambing bebiri all the way from the town to Morisson + tengok university buildings )  , leuls banyak banyak tempat , nak shopping gak sebab nak beli sweet chili hahahah ( sweet cili adalah sejenis sos yang sweet , taste almost similar macam sos malaysia dan tak pedas ). Since kat sini sauces mostly ada ketchup and hot chili ( which rasa dia buruklah kot bagi aku sebab dia hot yang datang dari blended cili kering idk how to describe but itsssssoooonotniceplease )

the university.

the kubu yang tinggal.

:') rindu.

a must have travelling picture. 

That night , I stopped by my Humaira's house lepas we had a lunch at an Indian restaurant , a buffet , since ceqq dah selalu makan India ni , ceqq rasa bolehlah hahaha ( Humaira geng yang tercetus dari Scotland trip - Iwani . Kenapa Humaira? sebab nak muka putih kemerahmerahan which literally sekarang takdelah putih mana tapi merahlah sebab kering hahaha )  . Then buat cekodok resepi Puan Nurul and my classmates back in Intec datang singgah rumah my friend and we had a chat. basically it was a chilling trip aaaa sebab I was there to meet my friends , plus dah tengok the sea then wishlist ticked. Hahaha. Before that jalan jalan cari souvenir from the stores , it was so limited I can say , tapi adalah dari takde , I got some fridge magnets and postcards nguehh typical tourists. haha. In Aber jugak , I slept with my housemate back in Intec , Nureen. I thought we could be like err awkward hahahah nehi heyyy sebab I guess we're like a born gossip partners since Intec and for , forever harapnya haha. 

Next morning , we had our subuh on the bus since subuh masuk 6.40++ but bus gerak pukul 6.40 to Cardiff and we need to be at the station like 20 minit sebelum . Sorry for not able to give proper goodbye but certainly I'll come back to Aber kot sebab I feel much close to nature there. So basically thats it ! My weekend getaway to Aberystwyth :)

here's a gif picture by google in my phone. hahaha. K excited I know. 

ps : Tadi I search on twitter " blog anis najwa " yeah I know I sound pehal minah ni search diri sendiri. hahaha it wasn't that much but still looking at some people felt inspired through my writing. I feel happy I guess. The idea of your simple hideous writing affect someone's life that much , how can I not be happy heh? Moga terus dapat manfaat dari sini , untuk mata mata yang membaca. Mungkin boleh gak senyum sikit :P ( bajet ada reader well I guess ada. ahhaha ) 

ps lagi : I dah buat pau finally yeayy ! pau wishlist ticked !

ps lagi : there's a minute or two snow early this morning and I am all excited ! hahah

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