Oh , duduk oversea jalan je eh?

January 24, 2015


I've seen many of this statement all around the social networks plus instagram comments ngeh I was trying to just let it slip from my sight and knowing explaining won't make you go anywhere since people ( moreover yang same age ) tends to cari gak flaws despite kau terangkan thousands of reasons why ' jalan je eh ' . Its human by the way, jadi memang tak boleh la kan nak satisfy people's need and kalau dah salah kat mata dia , semua akan jadi salah meskipun some people trying to make things clear. 

Meskipun hari ni baru 5 bulan 5 hari di bumi Cardiff , aku bolehlah dikira newbie yang berjalan jalan semasa winter break , baru nak rasa jelajah bumi Allah .  whahaha newbie mende kau ni?

Macam mana nak cakap eh? I guess the right phrase to answer this is just ,

YOU ONLY SEE THE FUN , NOT THE PAIN ( nada tenang sambil senyum tanpa sarcasm tersembunyi )

Like seriously. The journey nak sambung the degree itself wasn't that easy I can say , it started with your SPM then lepas SPM ( kalau sponsored students ) people work for it , sent countless of essays , go for interviews even some with stages of interviews , then dah interview alhamdulillah get sponsored , hadap pulak contract with sponsors to achieve these certain grades during Alevels or IB dengan kena sacrifice in advance your money for visa and friends plus medical check up . Turun naik Putrajaya Melaka - countless of test - and mungkin topup call universities to confirm things before you depart . You never want to know renyahnya proses A-Z applying for universities. Perhaps you guys don't see the struggles behind the journey we've been through. And all you may see is a bunch of kids with blazers and mungkin pastu upload gambar ticket flight dengan passport ( rujuk hari fly dulu bersama kawan kawan sponsored by JPA ) ( after all seeing the ticket at least buat aku rasa usaha for that freaking two years rasa berbaloi - it gave me a big sense of relief like relief gilaaaaaa i tell you well if you don't understand aku faham je kot )

Well sebenarnya kenapa aku include sekali kerenyahan kepayahan ni is to actually , bagilah peluang , a slight of very small chance for us to actually rasa being 'paid off' tu dengan travelling ( well this might be one of the reason why aaa kot kenapa we travel ) and does it mean when we spent our holidays travelling terus masuk golongan yang lalai dengan ilmu? I can't brain it please T.T

And tu belum masuk how to assimilate different accent during classes and to maintain certain classes untuk sponsor . And do these things sebenarnya need to be on social networks? Well even after millions of justifications , I guess people would still tend to '' Eleh , memang duduk oversea meamng jalan pun "

Haha wouldn't it be the same when some people yang cuti then spend their days in Pulau Redang ke Pulau Kapas ke or even the sweetest home sweet home is considered nice? ( enduring pain jauh dari rumah , tak dapat mak ayah when you need them very much is something you never want to feel I guess )  Kadang bila you put your shoes in ours , tell me more reasons , bila dah kat sini , would you want to just spend the cold days in your house - like after the exams , the struggles you faced for months? Bila dah kat sinilah , its the chance for you to see tempat orang , how people lived , how is it different from home , and even kadang kau nampak je Huwuuuuu Parisssss bergaya Louis Vitton bagai uuu travel best uuu ada life uuuu ( padahal minutes or hours before they encountered drunk people yang kencing tepi tepi jalan - or struggle nak makan apa ni weh takde benda halal and end up jadi kambing ( read vegetarian ) hahaha ) 

Because what you see , is fun. Because what you see , is beautiful. Complicity of human ni is when dia nak dunia tahu the beauty but not the pain. 

Kadang tu upload gambar cecantik Scotland ke Ireland ke sebab nak sama sama share how wonderful sebenarnya Allah cipta different places , different cultures , suhu semua , hai guys , this is Scotland yang some novelist pernah describe in novels , how the culture , and later maybe my / our anak cucu would definitely ask ( insyaAllah if we be one ) , nenek dulu dekat Cardiff pergi mana? Aku taknak aih kena cop jadi nenek hambar sebab nenek cuma kena study and be nerd 24 seven for the whole three years going back and forth to the toilet dapur bilik and thats it ! 

And noted jugak , sometimes our struggles sama je , nerd belajar bagai nak gila like you guys do , its just we don't show it , and tell me , the need of showing it? 

Dan overtimes , belajar tu tak semestinya you read books and muntah balik stuff. Jalan jalan tadabbur ( tengok ) alam pun belajar jugak , belajar whats even more inside the books and in case you never came across this word , I'll let you know , we learn , we're the nerds who learnt through our experience :)

with a caption : Kenapa budak U malaysia nampak nerd dan macam takda life ?

sebab mungkin kita punya dua ruang pandang yang berbeza , dan aku tak kata pandangan kau salah , but somehow this might sounds too absurd for us , anyway its fine to see things like you wish so. Dan mungkin jugak cara kau define ' takde life ' is when you don't travel , dan mungkin cara kita interpret ' takde life ' itu berbeza :)

Terima kasih. 

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