Snow day ! - and the 8 years of friendship.

January 30, 2015

29th January - my first snow in life ( well its not that certain since I once played with the snow pepagi buta pukul enam pagi few weeks before but it was dark and early in the morning pastu confuse weh ni snow ke hail ( hujan ais ) so since today its snowing kitten and puppy - sebab tak sampai tahap snow cats and dog ( read lebat ) keh keh , I guess this is my very first snow in Cardiff ! . - You can't really see the snow in the picture but yeah my eyes captures the beautiful snow falls , that's more than enough I bet !

Snow rasa cemana?
Its like buih buih ais i don't know how to describe but its like very soft and kalau jilat snow ( which I did ) is , rasa ais hahahahha what do you expect its snow hokayy.

Selalu gambar is at the very end of the post tapi I guess there's something about snow that makes everyone kinda happy ( lagi lagi being typical asian living for like 20 years dekat negara tanpa empat musim ) paling paling its only snowing inside your heart figuratively haha. 

These days I tend to ask people I've known for years their liking , well years here merujuk kepada kawan kawan Selandar. I barely get in touch with my friends back in primary school which I guess the main reason is because the distance in both virtual and real life ( termasuk perhubungan melalu telefon dan jumpa persekitaran yang baru ) . I asked a simple thing yang I guess we kinda forget that part masa taaruf dulu ( wahahaha do we even have one? selain orientasi dan juga perkenalan di hadapan kelas form 1 / atau perkenalkan diri dengan cikgu baru leuls )

Korang suka makan apa? 

Good to know that I was surprised with their liking yang I never knew ! Biasanya I tend to know what they dislike , sebabnya dulu Dewan Makan sediakan anything yang tak kiralah kita suka ke tak , for the sake of living bahahha plus dah bayar duit segala bagai , ikan kayu pun sanggup ku redahi inikan pula sambal berapi. Jadi disebabkan we live in a system with rigid menus ( mungkin tak berapa nak rigid ) aku tak pernah tahu atau tak perasan. Ada suka makan mee bandung with specific taste udang kering kacang segala , then ada yang mee kari or any type of mihun . And tah cemana it happened that I just knew my friend's father is good at cooking tahap jadi ketua dekat kenduri kenduri. Dan aku mengetahui fakta itu selepas lapan tahun berkawan ...

dan , I guess bila you discover one thing , there's more curiosity arisen , and we tend to question , do I really know you guys? Sometimes all these little things matters in life sebab aku rasa orang yang do little things can mean so much to a person's life. Macam having updates on weather tempat kawan , like how my girlfriend sent me a picture of weather updates in Cardiff when she's at Iowa. Orang kata , biarlah terpisah dengan jarak sekalipun ( tetiba haha ) 

I guess ada jodoh , panjang umur insyaAllah , I would love to have many more years with the people I've known around the world ( doubtful haha ) to discover more facts about you guys. And get fascinated? haha 

Because being sweet is ain't a crime. Ngeh. haha 

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