Off blue tick and no reply.

January 04, 2015

I was writing this post ( like a long post through phone and I find it interesting hahaha dasar manusia batu ) - editing part ( tukar emoticon through laptop ) ngeh. 

 - anda pasti mengenali makhluk ini.

I was looking at some conversation that were left hanging , like I miss someone that bad but eventually thats not what the other side ( the people I'm texting ) ought to be. Maybe it was too harsh to leave a courtesy reply or they just left you hanging - most probably because they read through your text right after they woke up and getting back to sleep thus forgetting about the replying or its just a not worth replying text. 

Susah kan nak husnuzhon in people. Bukan sebab the thought of bersangka buruk will harm those people tapi it will harm you. It hurts , truthfully - seeing a text with a bluetick which indicates ' it was read ' but there's no reply. Well  to some extend I could call it SH*T ( well I am saying it anyway why bother starring an I bahahaha this sounds too tense ) I do that shit too haha. Last time masa nak fly tak sempat nak balas whatssap and calls orang ( which kau sempat je insta beberapa gambar ? - maybe it was meant to answer all the take care and safe journey to UK ) ( like look guys I am safe and sound hereeee ! ) . But lepas settled down , I awkwardly try to reply and reach some people yang aku terlepas pandang to say bye I am leaving . Tapi its karma when the messages were read but no reply.

From that moment even takleh nak satisfy human as a whole , I would always try to reply messages and I don't mind being the last that leaves the conversation ( walaupun perasaan dia macam level 0.4 kena dump haha ) . you just don't expect people have like spend their time talking to you heh? Heh. Sebab aku expect. So manage the after effect sendiri kah kah. 

Tapi sebenarnya sejauh mana kita nak seksa diri sendiri , like valuing the blue tick like it matters between life and death to you. Kau cuma perlu bersangka baik yang dia maybe lupa / terlepas pandang / baru bangun tidur / your text is sent at the wrong time or they just don't feel like replying you ( background violin song sedih kuasa 6 ). Tetiba aku rasa kebolehan whatssap punya inventor membolak balikkan hati manusia sampai ke tahap mampu sakit hati hanya kerana tanda betul berwarna biru adalah sangat hebat. Hahah

Tapi since we're living in the world yang associates kewujudan whatssap - mungkin the best is to always try to reply someone yang text you or leaving you a call or even a short say of Maaf I couldn't reply on that time or eventually just replyyy the text , even a k I guess would be sufficient enough than left hanging ( because at least you can like , Oh K je kau reply aku with this long text? K je ?? K lah - dan kau mungkin lupa dah esoknya that the conversation exist ) dari pada leaving a text with no reply . You gave room to someone to make tons of assumptions ! Belum masuk nak battle dengan kepala untuk berhusnuzhon ataupun to let their anger out and thus boleh affect someone emotionally even though you thought they won't ) .

Its funny heh how a font symbol that is blue in colour could produce a heart to mind talk within myself.

Or its just me? ( after all blog takdok blue tick apa bagai , so yeah. I lapchus blog ) 

iRedho like the cats haha. Kau pasti kucing tu redho? Haha. 

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