My very first annoying vlog attempt ( yeah so old fashioned I know )

January 13, 2015

Hello penduduk bumi , ( gaya alien invade bumi haha )

Well , I've been wanting to do vlog since ages ( takdelah ages mana ) but hahah yeah still. Then bila dah buat I found out that I am better off with writing than talking whatevs haha. Takdelah better mana its just that I wanted to do one. So yeah here I am mumbling tah pape I don't even know whether my voice boleh didengar atau tak. And the very first and pointless I can say. Tapi tah , I just wanted to try. And mungkin bila nanti looking back to the days I used to do vlog ke , I might find reasons to laugh at myself ngueh 

so here I go. 
( editing memang level negative 9.28 ) 

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