Scotland dan tarbiyah ( didikan )

January 01, 2015

I've been thinking the very right word to describe my Scotland trip ( three weeks ago , or two I don't remember ) and it happened that Scotland dan tarbiyah . Tarbiyah simply means didikan , I guess I get like a lot of tarbiyah sepanjang berjalan dekat Scotland. 

Basically I went there by airplane from Bristol Airport to Edinburgh Airport , selepas beberapa tahun pronounce Edinburgh as e-d-i-n-b-u-r-g-h it actually sounded like e-d-i-n-b-r-a.  I know it all along sejak dari Intec tapi inclined untuk sebut , edinburgh lagi dan lagi I don't care. Haha. Kali ni my travel partners were my kakak usrah ( Kak Naurah and Haziqah ) and also my Maria's - Humaira's ( Iwani from Aberyswyth , Fateen and Kim from Essex and Nadilah my housemate ) - semua Ex-Intec . I met Fateen for the very first time here even dulu sama Intec , but knowing how introverted I was in Intec , possible je tak kenal semua orang haha. 

I almost kehilangan my watch in the airport sebab going through the security check , nasiblah rasa macam eh kenapa tangan kosong tetiba ni eh mana jam T.T nasib baik Allah make me realized that awal awal or else my favourite SPM present hilang camtu je T.T. Dan mungkin tarbiyah pertama is , jangan cuai anis najwa. 

typical pictures ahahaha. 

my travel partners , kakak Naurah and Iwani the Humaira haha.

Truthfully masa nak pergi Scotland , I wasn't looking forward to the trip sampai rasa nak redha je dengan more than 100pounds spent for the transport and macam taknak pergi sebab rasa macam very attached dengan rumah ( pun boleh ) and knowing people were back at their hometown to celebrate the holiday. And knowing Malaysia is like so far from here plus the fares might be like worth 3 months living here , I guess I just had this homesickness yang melampau dan it kinda affect my mood for days sebab maybe I was there physically but not emotionally nayy drama haha. But I know yang I never want to be a very lame nenek later on when my cucu tanya , " Dulu nanny ( k nak nanny pehal mat salleh duhhh ) kat UK pergi mana? " I wouldn't dare to say I spent my days in home in Cardiff back and forth bilik ke dapur and thats it ! 

As I arrived Edinburgh , it was very pleasing at first sebab the plane ride was like bumpy meskipun di langit and terrible pressure dalam telinga sesungguhnya aku rasa terseksa from the very first naik plane sampai lah sampai ke Edin , tapi still its better than 7 hours of ride dengan bus. Then we took a bus ( which I rasa bas tu frequently there ) to the city. And my first thought about Edinburgh , its green ! Green sebab on the way to the city I saw houses dengan laman yang hijau which hardly seen here in Cardiff  but then as I arrived at the city , my impression started to change , its all valleys and traditional buildings like very tall building and steep valleys sesungguhnya it seems challenging haha. Edinburgh is such a very very very beautiful city sebab dia macam fuse traditional Britain's buildings but it a city context , and the view was very breathtaking masa sampai sampai , sejuk masih boleh bare on that time but its slightly colder than Cardiff. 

We stayed in a hostel when we're there , hahah first first we tried to figure how to walk to the hostel and tetiba jumpa there's this one steep punya tangga and looking at the luggages , definitely not a good idea nak drama Istanbul Aku Datang angkat beg naik tangga yang tinggi. We took a taxi there , to the cowgate hostel. Ye pagar lembu . Cowgate. Haha. It was like so nice there sebab the bed was comfy , there's a kitchen , bathrooms meskipun share dengan locals there but I still find its comfy there dengan bayar 9 pound for a night. Kinda worth it insyaAllah. The one who plan the travel is my kakak usrah so we only did the payment part dan tawadhu je hahah. Sebenarnya I kinda hate myself for not being able to seek for whats to see in Edinburgh / Scotland masa awal awal datang , which it kinda make me tak look forward for the trip , so the next tarbiyah is , be prepared and always seek for basic ideas before travelling to get the feel instead of just ikut je.

my hostel !

We went to the universityEdinburgh castle , the royal mile ( its a road with souvenirs and the castle is at the end of the road to hill ) , then we went up to the Calton Hill ( camni ke eja ) on the first day and had our mathurat there. Rasa macam sangat sangat seronok that time sebab knowing yang you can freely enjoy the scenery sambil baca mathurat even in the public , you certainly know yang bumi ni milik  Allah and not like milik orang putih / orang melayu / orang orang mungkin hahah. Because you're free to praise Allah anywhere you are and this was one of the remarkable event I remembered masa di Edinburgh. But my mood went swinging as well ( my edin trip is full of my emotion swinging and I HATE MYSELF WHY ) sebab carik toilet dari before naik then turun takde siapa nak bagi pinjam toilet and hahahahha serious don't do any business dengan someone yang tengah nak cari toilet hahah I was like really cranky semua I couldn't help myself sebab masa kat Malaysia pun selalu camtu , kadang I cried in the middle of shopping mall mintak mak nak balik I was tired. ahhahahahhahaha ya Allah mohon disepuk najwa lelaju. 

the castle. 

this is one of the university building in Edinburgh. The hall where they graduates. 

k benda ni sangat menarik ada di royal mile hahah

abang ni pakai skirt main pipe then I asked " Aren't you cold or something ?" yes its cold. OBVIOUSLY NAJWA DONT NEED TO ASK hahah.

bersama Nadilah embracing the cold ahhahahaha . 

up on the hill , there's this Athen's kind of thing haha. 

on the same day we went to the winter wonderland naik feghis wheel and turun turun je jumpa Mellyyyyy ! she's in Essex now ( my classmate in Intec )

Then the next day what I remember was going up to the Arthur's Seat , 882 ft dari aras laut. I couldn't really catch what I'm doing on that day sebab Arthur's Seat is the only thing I could never forget masa ke Edin . Hahah because truthfully I hate hiking , well me and hiking is never meant to be together mungkin , we climbed up masa dah nak maghrib and it gets so dark plus slippery. And my shoes is like bukan for hiking purposes and I got like really emotional. The original plan is to climb up the hill camtu je sebab I whine a lot masa nak naik sebab macam kenapa tinggi sangat I don't want to climb up the hill please no but eventually I saw someone with her headphone then I remembered how distracting songs could be for me and I can stop whining. It works but when it comes to me - hearing to songs - headphone mode on , I couldn't talk to people. Plus to stop myself from crying. or bursting into anger. It was really tough like so tough for me , and maybe because of the toughness it makes me feel like nak balik kardipp sekarang jugak please. But then half way there , meskipun rasa nak turun balik not to the peak , I know its not right at all sebab I know nak turun there's a tangga at the other side and to meet that tangga we need to climb up and to choose nak turun balik its like a big no sebab it was slippery and dark. The moment we reached the top , I cried. Like a silent cry hahha ya Allah thank you dah gelap . I know I don't seems like capable doing this hiking stuff , but I made it ! Kat atas tu Tuhan je tahu perasaan dia. I don't get all those fascinated feelings sebab nampak lampu lampu je sebab dah malam , but I got that relief feeling sebab yeay dah kat atas 

it tooks like lama gak for me to finally get a grip of myself up there. and to take the picture leuls. 

Oh yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah I remember , we went to an island in the morning ! Jumpa swans yang suka ikut kitaorang jalan hahaha.

abaikan kasut please. 

the scenery is simply magnificent here subhanallah. 

On the same day , lepas je Arthur's seat climb , we went down thanks to Kak Ain ( our Edin tour guide ) and for the rest of the jaulah members for helping me through the hiking even I was like a shit gilos dengan perangai tah pape. My kakak usrah said , to know a person , kita kena makan dengan dia , tidur dengan dia , and pergi jalan jalan dengan dia ( which I kinda exposed many of my negative sides there. I am sad with myself - self esteem jatuh merudum bergolek golek atas lantai yang sejuk ). 

on the same day kitaorang gerak ke Glasgow by bus. Its like an hour journey from Edin to Glasgow. Which kalau dalam peta kedudukan dia selari dengan Edinburgh . Glasgow is a whole new look of Scotland to me sebab dia macam Kuala Lumpur , yang kedai kedai mungkin masih taraf Melaka. ( silalah bayangkan cemana haha ) Miahaha. Tapi serious its not traditional at all macam Edinburgh. Its like serious a whole new look of Scotland. Sebabkan time tu dah malam , we just did the part naik taxi dari bus station ke rumah kakak senior di Glasgow. 

I remembered talking to Zara ( our friend in Glasgow , Haziqah's friends to be exact , but then I guess I've seen her somewhere in Samura during the school days ) and she told us about her story being approached by a strong roman catholics. It was a long story but what I could conclude , meskipun selama ni cakap nak kahwin mat salleh amomom berguling di tepi pantai , its never easy to channel someone's faith to make they believe what we believe in. Sebab as for me , its kinda easy to hold the believe I have in Islam since I have the faith ( iman ) meski turun naik . Tapi not easy for non muslims. And Zara jugak kata " When kita rasa dakwah ni sakit , just so you know Rasulullah saw pun rasa benda yang sama and sometimes its even worse , and sakit korang tu Rasulullah jugak rasa , dia faham perasaan tu and be strong " . That moment I feel like snapped ! sebab i did feel yang someone yes do understand you because that person have been there done that kind off.  And I know yang on that time , our prophet is someone yang i never met but I was in love with . It makes me ponder sangat sangat on that night yang I get more than just a Scotland visit , but its like tarbiyah orang yang random cerita her experience and all. 

The next day was a day trip to Highlands ! its a day trip with a tour guide , pusing the Highland from 8 am to 8 pm. We went to many kinds of Loch ( lake ) including Loch Ness , a lake dimana tinggalnya seekor raksasa macam naga mungkin tetapi berkepala comel , idk it was real or not tapi our tour guide kata someone saw the thing ( the binatang ) last year. Basically the lakes were named after a name of a monster, Nessie. And pergi Glancoe  to see the mountains , ada satu tu nama dia Three Sisters ( we can't really see the identical three hills sebab the fogs and its raining ) , then sepanjang tu the tour guide cerita sejarah dekat Glancoe where a big massacre took place , I googled it masa balik , which it says pasal how a trust was broke and people were murdered over their trust to the armies , ohoooooo sedih gilaaaaaaaaaaaa boleh they even made a song for that , Massacre in Glancoe 

highland tour pictures !

Sepanjang a whole day trip ni , I learn that bertapa besarnya nikmat siang malam sama panjang or proportionate , sebab masa trip ni we kinda rush from one to one part sebab malam lebih panjang dari siang when its winter. So dalam pukul 3 lebih macam tu dah gelap , its kinda a waste jugak kot sebab its gelap and everything looks the same outside plus when its gelap you tend to sleeeeeeeeeeeep more so yeah . Sudahlah pagi tu we kinda late ( since its gelap lagi ) sebab the taxi was not very efficient in Glasgow compared to Cardiff's taxi ngoing. <-- sejenis bunyi hahha. 

Back in Glasgow that night , I met a burung yang tak terbang duduk di kaki lima kota Glasgow yang sejuk ( lagi sejuk dari Edin I can say ) . I did share the burung story on my instagram satgi i print screen hahah pemalas nak tulis balik. 

The next day was a free kind of day , our last day in Scotland like pergi jenjalan university and till late night . Not that late tapi since malam panjang  , you kinda like pehal tak pagi pagi ni. Hahah. That day , we go jalan jalan dengan Zara and her friend. I met many homeless dekat Scotland which I hardly meet one here ( maybe sebab jarang keluar malam dekat Cardiff ) , termasuk dekat Edin there's this one guys with his dog sitting depan kedai kasut with a bibble with him , since I am not into shopping , I see people's behaviour instead. Sepanjang tengok the homeless guy , I kinda question what he have in his mind , like he must once thought he hold the belief , keeping a strong bond with God but why he's living that way. But then I kinda think , that maybe to him , the only thing he have in this world is to stay connected dengan Tuhan and thats it , life could be so hard but then as long as he have the faith it could mean everything to him perhaps. Back in Glasgow my financial status was not that good , tercekik juga with decreasing balance in the bank , tapi still I went to the Greggs belikan this one pakcik a sandwich when he says he only ate once in the morning sambil tangan terketar ketar sebab sejuk. I wore my gloves and all dan masih sejuk , that pakcik must be like freaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaking sejuk I cannot. Because I always keep in mind , yang in my rezeki , there's always someone's else punya rezeki and it might be the pakcik near the subway station in the city. Itu antara tarbiyah penting I learned here , is in your wealth and rezeki , ada orang lain punya rezeki , maka berbagilah dan bersedekahlah

University of Glasgow. 

here I am yeayy.

panorama view !

our Highland tour bus !

Because sometimes its more than just giving , its portraying the Muslim as a whole , mana tahu a very simple kind of act , like giving a pound / a piece of sandwich to a person , when they see you in hijab ( means you're a muslim ) that simple kind of act could means a lot , yang tunjuk this is what Muslim practices , from the good deeds to covering their aurah. 

Dekat sini , aku belajar jadi agent Muslim yang lebih islam , lebih islam dari cuma nama. Because to bring back daurah Islamiyah ( people living practicing Islam deeds and all ) is everyone's job and I kinda feel the responsibility here . Mungkin Allah campak sejauh ni for me to reflect upon many lompang lompang as a believer. Yang bukan only keep things to herself but to others as well. In Scotland trip jugak I learned yang Cardiff is the answer to my why Cardiff ya Allah? Which now I am very certain yang its meant to be here :) 

There goes my #WinterTrip2014 #ScotlandTrip2014 #theanisnajwamusafir :)

btw I met KFC Halal in Glasgow yeay meski rasa tak sama sedap lagi Malaysia punyaa. 

bye bye winter trip !

acah acah. 

Lake Lochmond. Kot.

kayefsi !

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