6th July 2017 - a day worth remembering.

July 07, 2017

Alhamdulillah there's just so many overwhelming things happened yesterday which worth remembering so I am jotting them down. 

The Time Keeper - Mitch Albom 

The night before, I finally finished reading The Time Keeper by Mitch Albom , it took me so long to finish that one short book ( blame the side of me who always scrolling all sorts of social media and reading too much of Thought Catalogue articles ) ( but I swear the articles are so good and relatable )

And I love how the book makes me think whether I made each day count. Dor ( the Man who invented the time? in the book ) were somehow cursed with an eternal life to save two different human being. Some may say longer life is a blessings , but to live eternally may not be a blessing. And there must be very good reason why God puts a limit to our life, to make each day count. 

Sarah's story is so relatable too, and why do I think I met too many of Ethan in this world hu-hu. Good book. I need to see myself into reading again, hence I'm taking all these baby steps ( again ) 

Swimming and me time 

In the morning I went for swimming after few months break ( the time that never match - classes and exams , I did consider going during Ramadhan but it will be makruh to be in water for so long so yeah ) and I guess I was stressed out from so many things , its just that I don't fancy using the term 'stress' as I believe it makes me look tenser and older hihi. 

I did this vonvon thingy for fun, where it detects ( marketing wise heh ) your age based on your face feature ( though I know its a lie I'm still flattered ) , it detects me looking 18 haha , to be honest there's not much difference between the 23rd me and the 18th me , perhaps I am a bit smaller in size now ( not that small but wish me luck , include me in your prayers ) 

so I did like 35 laps non stop , the size of the pool as mentioned in the website is 13 x 25 m , so I bet the 13th is the width and the length is 25m , that's like 23 point something something of my height. And another 5 , just to make the pennies worth , I paid £4.15 for that 3 hours session. 

That's me going back and forth the pool for 80 times ( 40 laps haha ) 

I met this aunt named Mayasa ( if I heard her right ) and she was so nice to me and we had a short chat. She looks British and I asked her whether she's a revert while helping her to fix her goggle. But it turns out that her mother is a Welsh and the father is from Saudi Arabia and they settled down in Caerphilly ( somewhere 12 minutes drive from Cardiff ) . She asked me whether I was okay , well part of me wish to say no I am not but that doesn't seems wise haha. 

And had a small chat with the life guards as well, she recognized me since I've been going to the pool since I was in my first year, so yeah , its just so nice to meet new people and having short conversation with. 

I posted on facebook and my swiming  teacher , cikgu Rusnah commented on the post and invites me for swimming later so she can teach me the free style swimming, I did learned before but it was for a very short of time and I am still very slow with catching breathe , with all the hand movements , so I stick with the frog style of swimming. 

I treat myself a foot long big beef melt subway ( the cheapest one on the menu and looks decent ) and enjoyed my me time. I always prefer going for swimming alone so I kinda have all the three hours for myself ( and obviously there's no need to talk to people ) , and its refreshing. 

All these while my skin was so dry ( camera is so good at lying ) and I can't be bothered but after spending quite a long time in the pool , now I feel like my skin is better ( like is this the effect of the chlorine or what ) , it feels softer and not as dry and flaky as before. 

3rd Year Khatam Quran Projection 

And next is that I finished my 3rd year Khatam Quran projection which I started back in 15th of November 2016 ( I remembered the date well because I make the 2nd year Khatam Quran projection as a gift for my adik usrah as one of her birthday present ) , and I considered this second projection as my graduation gift for myself.

Speaking about self reward, my mum asked me to look for a new watch to replace the one I'm wearing now ( since 2012, my SPM present ) but I am just ( too ) clueless about watches ( I've been receiving watches as gifts since UPSR which I wore the digital watch throughout highschool and the watch now is the second gift for SPM till now ). 

Its just so overwhelming to repeatedly reading through the verses and the meaning , but its giving you the same good impact , with perhaps different feelings

The more I read Quran , the more I feel the need to see how Quran shapes my personality. And I wonder how noble is Rasulullah , knowing his personality and akhlak is basically what the Quran preaches. He must be super super noble man , bless him Ya Allah. 

I dislike the old me who talk bad things, who feels totally okay using bad words , with all the bad personalities , its like you're living your life totally different from what Allah wants me to do. 

And I am forever humbled and grateful that He still choose to save me despite the bad sides of Anis Najwa. I sin a lot too these day and the fact that you're concious but still sinning , its just so suffocating.

I asked Him to make me among the 'Muttakins' - The people with taqwa. To refrain me from saying something bad, doing something bad and also thinking bad things , having harmful feelings towards others. Make me, make us among the concious and very cautious over the steps and moves we take in life. 

And this time around , the phrase of Taqwa really caught my eyes and its everywhere from the start of the pages till the very end. And to me Taqwa is not being 'scared' alone ( as literally translated in Malay ) , but its a fear with positive hopes that Allah will keep you concious in every steps you take in life.

Keep us always in Your Blessing. 

Sir Umar Al Khattab once asked Sir Ubay bin Ka'ab , whats the meaning of Taqwa? 

Ubay then asked Umar ' Have you walked through a thorny path . what would you do ?' 

' Of course I'll rolled up my sleeves and protect myself from them ( in order words being oncious , or you can choose to imagine Umar speaks Kedah ' Of course la ceq akan hati hati ' he replied.

Then that's Taqwa , Ubay replied. 

Alhamdulillah ala kulli hal. 

 Love, the'ann

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