guided, and firm.

July 05, 2017

I kinda love it how things ended smoothly , in a way that I don't feel heartbroken/despair because this time around I know my decision is firm and the end goal stays the same, which to please the Creator above all. I was labelled conservative but I am not intimidated at all. In fact, I am glad. 

If by being conservative means I stick to what my religion requires me to do and I stick to what I believe and hold , being conservative should be just fine. Alhamdulillah 

At times like this, I am forever grateful that I am indecisive on certain matters. It gives a tiny yet important hole for me to decide whether this is the right or the wrong thing. Which led to a dependency of opinion from the people around me and also most importantly to let Him guide me through my guts and decision. And if this is considered childish, I am grateful that I am still a child. 

Well this is not an angry-kind of post even it may sounds like one but if you're reading this in an anger tone, you're reading them wrong. There's this fine line of anger and being serious haha

And through such events I somehow figured, yes I am a serious person and loves being playful as well.   can really relate if someone says I am a serious person ( moreover it looks stern on the face wise but can't help , I am developing my advocating skills he-he ) 

And yeah it feels so good now that everything is so clean and clear, I should be back to my old self , carefree and run wild ( nay I swim ) in a guided path , and still hopes that Allah will keep me in His Blessings. 

me and Nasuha earlier ( yesterday ) July 4th strolling around the city for countless times already

There's just so many things to do now, need to settle the transcripts , updating my CV and back to job hunting mode ! and I'm adding CLP reading teasers on the list. Wish me luck ! oh yeah I realised that I'm making some savings for the past few years and now its time to figure where shall I channel those savings too. Need to do financial revisions as well #adulthoodisatstake

Love, the'ann

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