Graduating with 2:1 LLB Law from Cardiff University

July 04, 2017

Alhamdulillah I just received my result, and I've been waiting like all day long for this nerve wrecking moment. 2:1 in comparison to the cgpa is around what above 3.3 I guess. 

When I was in my orientation days back in 2014, the lecturer/can't recall who told us that fret not if you're scoring 50s , being in law school means you're doing fine, you're on the right track. Being asian, with all the kiasuness , this is surely disturbing. 

Last year my Evidence falls beyond my expectation par , pass with a third class. And it kinda brings my second year mark down to a 2:2 , around 57% in average for four subjects. It scares me that the weightage for second year mark is 40% . 

2nd July - Cardiff Castle 

And this year there's so many things that requires me to score the upper division class - like getting rebates for Certificate of Legal Practice because obviously money is the centre of the discussion. And job wise as well. 

And its been a tough time for me too. I fall sick for more than 2 weeks ( almost a month ) during my study leave, and healing through the exam weeks. You're bedridden and there's just so many things to revise. And seeing others progressing with revisions are not helping me ( ergh )  

But indeed Allah is the best planner above all. He eased all the way for me. The revision time did become shorter and tenser, and all I wish at that moment is barakah in the time left. Be it a short time but I can utilise it well. 

There's this one time I clearly remember while we were doing Commercial revision ( the Commercial Paper was on the 24th, we had our Trusts on 22nd , basically left with 23rd to revise it all ) , and in the middle of the discussion, there's this one awkward prolonged silence - as I am not progressing with the revision WITH A VERY LIMITED AMOUNT OF TIME and seeing my housemate keep typing her answers and reading textbooks too , it get so tense that I decided to leave her alone at the school ( Sorry Diy saranghae ! ) 

Called my mom beforehand and cried. My sister called as well. Shared the news with my family and friends :) Thank you for the prayers you guys sent me , Allah will reward you immensely for sure. 

After 2 years of A-levels , 3 years of undergraduate , 

On the 3rd of July, you received the news that you'll be graduating law from Cardiff University with a Second Class Honours Division One. 


 Love, the'ann

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