The excited taxi driver ' I love Malaysia' , Me ; I do too :)

July 03, 2017

I saw that some of the traffic for the blog constantly coming from the US, while my loyal reader ( well I know you're reading this ) is back home. So wherever you're coming from , hi ! Drop a comment and you can be totally anonymous too, I would love to make more friends ( eheee )

and its tomorrow ! The result day, I'm so anxious right now, I don't know but this year , the feeling is tenser than ever and your prayers are much appreciated x x

Its going to be 3rd of July soon and it will be the last month here in the UK #mixedfeelingsever , I really wish to come back here again , even dream to settle down ( for good ha-ha-you-wish ) in th UK. Its been such a lovely three years , but there's this phrase of 'Hujan emas di negeri orang , hujan batu di negeri sendiri , lebih baik di negeri sendiri ' oh well Malaysia offering gold as well you misleading idiom.

Earlier we met an excited taxi driver who constantly said ' terima kasih , sama sama ' and trying to pronounce different places in Malaysia like Gombak , Bukit Bintang? He even mentioned a long name of a street which I never encountered before but legit name for a Malaysia street. And he said that out of 28 countries he's been to , Malaysia is the best and he said the time when he was living there, those three years are golden

( he was too excited that he misheard the name of our street and brought us to the wrong street , but considering he charged us only £5 instead of £6.50 , nevermind its okay )

But seeing somebody got so excited and has so much love about my very own country , I feel honoured in a way? Honoured in the sense that people recognized that you came from a very beautiful city and very beautiful people too !

and indeed these three years was priceless for me either ( and the amount of allowance splurged on me too ) , but its time to go home and give back to the society.

And I met a random Malaysian as well today , she said hi to me because I was wearing Baju Kurung in the middle of the ocean of people. And in that very short 4 minutes I bet, she told me she did law back then and now working with Petronas. And I saw myself becoming more like my Puan Nurul ( my mom ) , when I asked her for her contact number - and we bit farewell.

I rarely do that , but I am so glad I did.

and we there's always many reasons to be home , and one of them is love. 

 Love, the'ann

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