Last blog post in the UK ( for now )

July 21, 2017

Im writing this with my Mi pad hence the formatting doesn't seems good. I'll upload the pictures later , if I feel like editing this in the future hurhur

Its been really a while since I last posted anything here , life is so hectic for the past few. If you're following me on my social media you might as well informed that I had my graduation ceremony on Monday , my parents came on Saturday earlier and we had a day trip to Bath the next day .

 Our Bath trip was beyond amazing as we met a British couple whom my mother saw in a cruise - changed contact numbers and eventually I'm the middle person hence we set to meet Mitch and Anne at their house in Chippenham. They got lovely backyard with pears and grapes , Anne surely got a magical hand voilaaaaa

Havent opened my laptop at least for a week and sent the bulky red thing home already. Yesterday I sent my parents off to Malaysia and make my way to my seniors house near Uxbridge . A fairly fine journey but I found myself struggling to carry around the almost 30kg bag like where the tough Anis Najwa missing .

Alhamdulillah my father eased my life , he must has foreseen the misery life ahead of mine hence he took my hand carry and bring it back home. Now I am left with a bag , if people said two is better than one , I swear for this occasion one is always better.

After I dropped off my luggage at the house ( ironed my horrible looking scarf I've been walking with all day and prayed ugh that's one of the best feeling guys ) , I then make my way to Central London , thanks to the Google map my life had been easier since then. Bought more souvenirs my family ordered ( my brother basically ) and to meet a friend.

I figured that when we were talking , I'm more of the type that speaks so little , maybe because I was exhausted and it can be seen clearly on my face oh God save me - take longer than I should to digest and chime all the words spoken and what I had in mind was to sleep lol , I was really excited though , very anxious too to meet someone I never meet before in real life but my expression , all the biology thing - chemical reaction in my body doesnt seems wanting to cooperate .

 Like when you're anxious usually that will keep you alert but I was one helpless creature . I had a long day guys travelling around back and forth , so it's permissible to act such way or ey not

Nevertheless I'll savour the feelings perhaps in my private notes haha got to have some space to myself isn't it .

Anyway I left Cardiff for good last Tuesday , it was heartbreaking really to finally leaving a place which is so dear to me . All these while you've been imagining how it feels like leaving for good , and I did cried in the middle of the street , but now it happened already and I might as well continue to live my life

I remembered vividly one of the speech during our graduation ceremony , one of the person sitting at the front was giving tips for post graduation life , I guess he was Martin Lewis . He said : one of the tips is to accept uncertainties , and eventually that's pretty legit tho because everything can be so uncertain and there's nothing wrong about it , embrace it and it's totally a big OK to say I dont know

All in all what I can say is Alhamdulillah Ala Kulli Hal , my life for the last few days are definitely not easy , my introverted side was challenged and I was struggling between staying calm in a very hectic situation but nevertheless survived very well hu hu hu

Well the purpose of writing this is to mark the last post in the UK for now. Once I wished to settle down here but I don't think it's attainable , had day dreams to meet someone here then fall in love but that wasn't the plan Allah had for me , I enjoyed my time as a free woman miahahhahahaha and I was totally okay ( not yet ready for commitments still )

But what's even bigger than the mushy stories is that I found Him here , strangely in the land where Islam is a minority here . And my experience was priceless , couldn't trade it even with tons of golds . I wish to be here again but for now , let's go back and do what I need to do.

 Love, the'ann

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