Settling down

July 26, 2017

I am just way too tired from packing - from unpacking to packing, with the messed up biological clock , I am living in the valley of adrenaline rush and panicking ( oh yeah I finally remember I need to print out the bus ticket ) 

thank God I'm writing this down, I had a serious five minutes thinking what shall I print more while this internet last

Why do people still print bus tickets - making it all compulsory in papers when you can help to save the earth ( hahahhah its just you who're too lazy isn't it so finding ways giving possible excuses ) 

So I just got back , its not JUST , but it was like 4 / 3 days ago and its been so hectic. I'm going to an English camp in Kelantan tomorrow at 5.30 am ( yawning ) , part of me wanted to pull myself out because I am basically too tired , but part of me doesn't feels okay to do so. 

Hence I am going tomorrow and doing my best with all the preparations. ( why did I say yes again sorry ) 

Haha funny part of it is that I just realized that the camp for the facilitators starts on the 26th and the slow me thought it was on the 28th ha ha ha as if Kelantan is so near to Melaka / KL hahhh youu. 

Oh before I forgot ,

I got to share the clumsy episodes of my life in the UK for the very last time. I am always clumsy and had the ability to look calm when I am all chaotic inside. 

But this time around I am taking my clumsiness ( plus this short sighted lady refused to wear hear spectacles ) to a whole new level when I board TWO FREAKING WRONG train in two consecutive days , one never learn from history 

First when I was from Central London going back to Uxbridge, I am kinda sure that I saw the stop on the sign - so I board it with confidence , but suddenly at this one stop this trains stops for quite a long time and everyone leaves the train, because I was genuinely thinking that the train will stop me at the next station , I stayed inside and did feel eerie because I was alone 

Then suddenly the train changed its sign saying that it will go back to the Central London and I quickly alight from the train to find myself in a deserted train station with no human at almost 10 pm. 

I was literally clueless with that situation and decided to take an Uber ( take my £10 and save me please Uncle , had a good chat with the Uber driver and I thanked him countless of times for saving me hahaha drama queen ) , hours before my senior reminds me that not to come home too late since it can get a bit scary near the train station. 

 And the next day, on the 21st of July ,

The day I left UK for good , I departed from my seniors house on a bus straight to Terminal 3 with that super heavy bag with a broken tyre? we call it tyre? err. I was legitly thinking that the super strong Anis Najwa gone missing because all these while bringing that super heavy bag seems easier ( if all the tyres are functioning well ) , but trust me I lost half of my soul trying to bring that luggage around. alone. 

So when I arrived at Terminal 3, I quickly make my way to the Heathrow Express place to board on the direct transfer to Terminal 4. I was again caught in my miseries. As I was sitting looking outside the window, one of the staff asked me for the ticket and I said ( I already got that feeling I got the wrong train again ) I am going to Terminal 4 , and he instantly replied ' Oh this train is going to Paddington ' 

Oh well he did saw me with that cat eye looking so pitiful - 'Nevermind young lady , I'll bring you to the right place' and there you go 15 minutes of my life wasted - and as the train reached Paddington, I waited outside the train waiting for the kind man to take me to the right place, he then handed me over a staff making sure someone is looking after me so I wouldn't find myself going back again to Paddington hahahahhahahahha 

Guess what the second guy was really helpful because he saw me still sitting in the train when we were back at Terminal 3 ( we need to alight there for a direct transfer to Terminal 4 ) he waved his hands like ' hey girl come down here fast ' ahahahhahahhahahah 

And no matter how ridiculous my rare clumsiness this time, I always find its funny to see myself in such rare occasion , I am petty with the timing and whatnot, but I guess I've been missing UK even way before I leave it , so my mind was scattered around. 

Enough with the UK miseries, adapting with my very own country is a struggle too and the weather is one of the challenging thing !

Had to wait for almost half an hour or less when I arrived home , since my mother thought my estimated time of arrival was somewhere at 5.50 pm , that's what written on the itinerary anyway , but we landed somewhere around 5.25 pm and everything was smooth sailing. But I love the waiting part anyway since I wanted to be welcomed home in a dramatic way possible - I got my drama episodes already 

I even got a farewell wish from a random guy who was in  line with us in Heathrow and we've been changing smiles and smirks? hahaha Chua was like ' You know that man huh? ' no I don't haha 

I can say that one year abroad, my skin getting fairer effortlessly , I don't do any make ups except for the lipstick part neither I used any beauty products , perhaps its a bit reddish most of the time but the point is that I looked fair. But I always know that my skin will get sunburned when I return home 

and thats what happened - though I may look good on cameras, camera tell beautiful lies. 

And alhamdulillah did one day sunnat fasting here because I saw myself eating A LOT when my sister said I barely eat anything , and I have more plans ahead , next week for the IKRAM UKE pre-departure camp , but I need to see myself in that field , so I won't be among the lost ones. 

Off many things I wish that I will be occupied most of my days so I can stop thinking about matters that does not worth my time and spaces inside my head. 

Nevertheless , all praises to Allah for a bumpy - smooth sailing kind of ride all the way from the UK to Malaysia. 

I thanked every single human being who's been so good to me all these while in the UK , from Cardiff people to IKRAM UKE's family , friends, housemates, even strangers , you guys will never know how my life had been eased all these days thanks to you ( who's reading through ) 

I'll end the post with an appreciation picture for my sister who had been patiently driving me around , since my license expired last two months , renewed one today hu hu 

Love, the'ann

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