Birmingham day trip and lesson pondered.

July 09, 2017

Just got back from Birmingham yesterday for a day trip, relaxed kind of day trip because we were there to one of it , is to satisfy my craving for Nasi Arab ( lols , I know its a big LOL haha ) and we ate it alhamdulillah. Mixed feelings on the last train ride I probably had in the UK. It feels so familiar to depart from Cardiff at 6.40 am and that's when I realized that is our official time going for daurah on weekend in Birmingham , perhaps the ambience and the adrenaline rush were different. 

and the sun always make you looks good, even better in pictures haha , I am perhaps one of those people who looks good in pictures but perhaps a bit disappointing in real life hahahahahhaah - its not like I'm admitting I look good but that seems to be the case 

We walked through the shopping mall , take weird positions in the photobooth but hardly gets a decent photo but nevertheless the booth take so long to print our photos and at the end we don't have it with us , there you go £2 for a worthless 3 takes of photos haha.

In the middle of the day , an aunty private messaged me on Instagram to invite us over her house for some feast , and I initially thought that we can make it on time ( somewhere before maghrib ) plus the driver was driving with uhm 70 miles per hour , you can definitely feel the speed. 

But the moment we arrived Newport , suddenly the driver approached a young lady , asking whether she was the one who came to the driver and said that she had diabetic issue going on. And the driver said that he will need to wait till a help come to the rescue , and me being the fussy me, was like feeling bad for making someone wait , but suddenly there's this phrase that kinda hit me 

' Your compassion is being selective / choosy ' because right in front of my eyes is a woman who is suffering ( but I couldn't really see her and not sure about her condition either, I heard her voice and from what she said , she was able to endure it but the driver insisted to wait and get a help ) . The moment when I started to think , like what if I am the one in her shoes, or anyone so dear to me being in her shoes, I might as well , deep down inside my heart asking people to understand ( and feeling sorry at the same time ) 

And initially I said sorry to the aunty that I couldn't make it to her house , and she was so understanding that she said, we plan but Allah fares a better plan. Well indeed. So after like maybe 20 minutes like that, we finally depart from Newport to Cardiff University. The young lady got help as well ( I saw a bus coming but not an ambulance, but I am not really sure how she got the treatment but bless you young lady for a compassionate bus driver who's very caring and attentive ) ( sorry for whining too :'( ) 

And being compassion shouldn't be selective on certain person in certain time, you must be compassion for everyone in this world and the fact that you're being choosy, perhaps you need to look back and recheck on your heart. 

There you go one memorable lesson I got from the day. 

when you want to make a love but suddenly decided not to , and do it half heartedly hence that's the pose ha-ha.

Just got a reply from a dear friend of mine, who's now living 2 hours away from us, and we were so worried about her since she lost her father and we've been trying to reach her since then but no reply , but the moment I saw her name popped up on the screen , I was really really really happy , the fact that I know she's doing okay. I almost figured on how to contact her mum so we can do a surprise visit - but she's not in the UK anyway , but its just so relieved that she's fine. 

And another side note , I've been wanting to say on someone's face that I demand that phrase 'sorry' from the person, because I felt offended and being disrespected for so many times that I endured for the sake of so called friendship. 

But I know I couldn't say that on the person's face, ( I know that person would not read these lines ) and would not even noticed that the person was being disrespectful, neither do the person care that much . I said sorry first and that's not a sign of defeat , its just to wipe of the strings attached between us two so later we won't meet each other in the next life , begging to be apologized. 

And I am currently trying very very hard to detach from this harmful person and really wish to say that I regret the meeting - I wish the person never says HI and I never say OKAY. In case if you're reading this , yes I do regret meeting you , and all I want is for you to say sorry. 

I wish. 

Well you always say that I'm that one kind hearted person, well now not. sorry. I can be so cold that you forgot the person you used to know. Well I am making you paying the price for being so harmful to my life. In case you're reading these, yes I'm giving you all the obvious clues saying that its YOU I am talking about.

Love, the'ann

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