Bye UIA :')

June 02, 2012


This is my feveghet time to update the blog. Making it useful. Useful for me to stores memories. Ahh kindoff.Okay lamme lemme.

Know what? aku tengah online pakai Internet Explorer and its like super errr errrr :{ google chrome carik gaduh and that annoys. annoy. annoy.

Before I am going even further, lets recite Alhamdulillah. Yeaa, I just got my MARA result. And alhamduillah. infinities of how thankful I am. Its one of *a family* jubilation. I saw tears. I got smiles. Yes, I am upholding my family pride. How these things really joys people surround me? At least something. A present from me to my family. A little one. Going to give a degree in 5 to 6 six years in time.

I got the results masa aku nak bayar untuk UIA deposits. Dah di kaunter. Baru nak berurusan and my mum suddenly come . And tak jadi lerr membayar :') Ayah kata : drama . Ecehh ayah. drama drama :)

Never thought that I would do. Never expect. Frankly, I am kinda down as many people checked their result, starting on Tuesday. I kept key-in'ing my IC number and it turns out to be : Harap Maaf bla bla bla. Down. To. The. Earth. Until I finally realized : LN0335 is under JPA-MARA checked on 1st June. Me being so ignorant. puiih.

LN0335 is the programme that I am going to pursue in. Law. insyaAllah.
Everything is back to Him. After all, rezeki itu rahsia Dia. Yes, His top-secret.

so tomorrow. More people making moves. Palam's . Cfs's . Uthm's and Ain going back to Melaka. A month to spend. before 1st July. Take.Care.Jaga.Diri.Tak jaga siap, backhand berkali kali. haha.

One month to spend. Approximately kind of 6 month jugak perabes beras. Perabes elektrik.
Should say buhbyee to UIA. Wont be a UIA student. Fuhhh touch-le-nerves.

grammar kinda suck. alamak aih. aaaa. aaaaa. ignore me. blerghhhhh. okay aku hambar pehal. bye peeps :P

I going to miss .The sisters :'(

saja buat gaya oldsekul. haha. :D

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