O Allah.To whom should I seek for solace beside YOU.No one.Only YOU.

June 13, 2012

Assalamualaikum, have a pleasant day. 

Currently, I am changing my previous layout. Got so boring then. Too girlish. And now taraaaaaaa. My new blog look-like. Its awesome. For me. Haha. Just nice. Okay masuk bakul.

So now , its 13th of June. Supposedly my documents stuff should be settled down by 5pm then. may Allah bless. May He ease it. May He ease.

Let me talk. Sparing time. For myself. Ahhh I need to.

I can't stand even more stress. You know I hate it. You know I loathe it. Please. No stress. I beg. I know how my mum faced the stress. I know whats happening behind the scene. I beg. Please. No more stress on her. I've tried so hard for this. I tried so hard. This one takes time. Counting in strength , I am working it. YOU KNOW NOTHING. I know you're trying to help this things out. But yet, that is not I exactly want for. I loathe it. Very Much. I don't know, to whom should I asked for more.I know no one would help to ease this.  Only Allah , is the place where the tears I wiped out for. Burst into deep tears. 

You turn me down with the words. Yet I'm still standing. But when you turned my mum down. You suffers me.

I faced lots of things through the years. I can't stand with the hurts . I can't. Long enough. It hurts. More than everything. You don't even know what I suffers for. I don;t even ask for this. I didn't ask for this. The suffers. The tears. The tense. The pain. The obstacles. The sacrifices. You wouldn't know. I'll repay all those stuff you had given to me. I'll repay them one very fine day. Its my promises. I will. I'll make you stop this mess. All this mess. 

Maybe it was me who stops at the middle of the path. Turned down . I need to see changes. But yet, things aint working well. Like dreams. I admit , I get to realize things, its quite late. But then, please don't blame me because of the past. I am TRYING. please. No more. No more. Thanks for making me suffer. Thanks. Thanks for the tense. 

*tears streamed down*

Sorry if I have gone far for this.  Sorry. This one is so random. But then. I can;t stand this anymore. 


off talking. O' Allah. Guide me. Please don;t let me go astray. Give the solace inside. I need them more. I never asked for this but I upholding my trust upon YOU that you wouldn't test someone beyond her limit. I know there's always something behind things happening. I even know, that YOU won;t change someone's fates when she do nothing to change it.

Make my mom stronger. After while, she is my strength. Don't let her down. please. I beg. I'll do everything. Everything for her. Make her stronger. No more tears from her. She suffers a lot. :'( 

Guide me. Where should I go. open the heart for the light to change. When I fall down between the line, help me to stand back. Help me. I have no one. No one to ask for . Only you. I know I am that strong enough without YOU by my side. Help me. I am begging. All this while, make the suffers worth. Get rid all those pains.

get me .guide me. show me. help me. ease me. Through the journey. 

 O Allah. I testify and declare that no god should be worshiped except Allah and  testify and declare that the Prophet Muhammad Is the Messenger of Allah.

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