LETS GET STARTED, turn on the game :))

June 30, 2012

Assalamualaikum. *insert nada kena flu, bersin 2 kali*

So lets start the game. Turn it on. I am ready for the battle. So sila cakap ada nada semangat sekarang. Sila cakap =='

Okay tomorrow gonna be the start for the critical years. 2 years labelled as critical for me. Why critical? My full effort starts here. The determinations .The passions.The goals. Okay game ni aku membayangkan euro match finale. haha. Spain vs Italy by the way *lambat* haha. So here I come International Education Centre. Play this game. End it up with victories. As its a once in a lifetime chance. Yaa somehow we should take up challenges. Out from the safe zone.

Bersangka baik dengan Allah. Bila Dia bagi Peluang.InsyaAllah Dia bagi Ruang :))

Allah takkan uji kalau melepasi batas yang hamba-Nya mampu as this one I labelled as Rezeki and Ujian in one :))

Verily each hardship, there is relief. Al Insyirah. Verse 6. Balm from Allah.

So tomorrow is the day. The game started. After 6 month or 7 months being homed. Away from educational books. 7 month spent with novels, comics and etc etc yang tak berapa nak berilmiah. Going astray as a student. Haha. Somehow, rasa menyesal ada. Admit them. I guess when you finish your S.P.M there are kinds of feelings like this. Mungkin. Feeling gaya habis apa je. Degree belum. Master belum PhD belum. First satisfaction in life is ending your highschool. Walawehh. Seriously Its a kind of Big Relief. *bunyi gaya bigmac* haha.

So I cant really make it, the promises that I want to go to school previously. Allah tak mengizinkan. Sorry Teachers :'o. Too much documents to be settled down. Satu file khas aku beli hanya untuk documents. *faint out* *faint out 2 kali* Okay takpayah faint out buat kali ketiga. Okay I have done packing. Ironing. Everything. Satu per Lima done by me. Another Four Over Five done by the mother :)) Gonna leave the house soon. Sobs.Sobs. Aku masa lipat toto dah buat drama swasta dah. Bye A.A, Bye bilik. Bye Meja, Bye Radio. Seriously, they were my close mate when I was home :) Fiuhhhh. Bergenang pulak air mata. Ngengada beno.

Review : I am going to meet my two GF thereeeeee wehh. We used to be so-close-friend. Jumpa tempat sama. Allah panjangkan jodoh. Bless the friendship. GF GF yang lain. I miss kalian. Lotsaaa. Lotsaaaa. Meeting up with you guys so soon. Btw. The GF that I will meet ialah : Nurain Syuhadah bte Abdul Rahman and Nurul Aqila bte Mashkuri :)) I am missing Hannis Sofea Johan. Aireen Zuriani Ahmad. Nuur Naajiah Muhammad. Norsahidah Abdullah. Noorliana Masri. KEEP FIGHTING GIRLS.

Review balik. Its a long journey actually I have been going through. 2 years for kindergarten. 6 years for Convent *saya budak convent* *flip hair depan kipas* haha . 5 years for My Sbpi Selandar *muka humble sambil senyum* and now 2 years of Intec. The rest of the years? Let Allah fares a better fate. InsyaAllah.

So Anis Najwa Nazari is 100% ready for the Two Years. Longing for prays and supports.

muka poyos. Aku cuma nak show off gaya selendang *kelip kelipa mata* haha

Ease the path.  بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم


Fighting has been enjoined upon you while it is hateful to you. But perhaps you hate a thing and it is good for you; and perhaps you love a thing and it is bad for you. And Allah Knows, while you know not. Al Baqarah verse 216 :')

selingan : The packed stuff from differ angle. Haha. *siap* another half ready packed in Selangor. Aku rasa banyak. I failed in limiting stuff . Seriously.

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