A Guide To A New Life :) special for Juniors.

June 05, 2012

Assalamualaikum. Have a pleasant day people :)

These are some guidances. Untuk mereka yang sentiasa rasa down yang dia tak berapa nak genius *macam, akak . This is just a share. Later on I edited some. Update some. Do enjoy :)

Appreciation for juniors. Akak sayang kalian. Esp junior junior SBPI Selandar. A little piece for you guys. I hope, I help. A little bit pun jadi :) For SPM's sitters. it gonna be 5 month from now and you'll be free. For Form 4's students, instead of playing, have a read kejap. *hah promo gila :P For juniors yang PMR's and lower than that : baca je. No harm.

sorry for the usage aku instead of kakak. Replace the aku with akak by yourself. Haha.

feel aspired. :) :)

Called to give some guide to juniors esp. Note that : THIS IS PART OF MY LIFE JOURNEY, which for me, no harm to share .even currently status penganggur berdaulat :P naaa later on 1st july, You'll rarelly see me here. Haha *erkkk seriously. haha

Because I do feel that alumni really works for juniors to explore the new world.So INTEL *interaction between Alumni's and the batch really worked out something, besides the joys that we had : one of the group discussions happened to be my question for MARA intervieww. :) alhamdulillah. Which I had to admit : The phenomena of students esp during my years in SBPI Selandar* bila kita tanya nak jadi apa : Tak engineer mesti doctor. And bila kita suruh specified what the wanna be, like doctors kan banyak cabang : They had no idea. Yet ramai jugak yang melihat oversea sebagai satu target : Like dreams noted : Aku nak fly. But they had no idea about what type of institution the wanna enter. How the routes gonna be like. *seriously aku banyak realized benda benda ni lambat.

As selandar limited me to explore more. Do have internets, but I should deal with idiots who played games. Who used internets only for social networks and not more. Please. Make up your mind guys. Use them wisely. Just realized why social networks were not allowed in library but still *me one of the people who against it *sometimes. Blerghhh . sorry teachers :')

I AM ONE KIND. yang bukan dalam kategori genius tahap labah labah as I got 7a over 11 subjects that I took.I actively participated in ko-academics stuff like debate. I do have some sports certs *just two or three like that. *u need to have that sports.

so basically, the one who participated actively in koku's stuff. Do proud of yourself. At least you have something that people rarely have. Korang tak perlu nak begitu rigid to against koku's stuff : By saying 10 percent je lagipun admission nak masuk U untuk koku. and also, I can't get 9 A plus plus if I joined such clubs ahhhh whatnot. *ahh part tak dapat 9 A pluss tu betul kot :P Yang the reality is if you strive really hard for 9A+ , hahhh stop reading this. Korang goyang kaki tunggu bursary. I am here to help those yang macam aku. Yang macam mana eh nak describe. Aku dulu waktu sekolah, even aku try really hard , aku tak pernah ada satu keyakinan that I'll achieved 11 A+ or evn 9A+ , as i said, im not that genius. harap maaf.

BUT one thing, enjoy your highschool life with numerous activities.  :)

Done with my SPM. Without no result, you should proceed to UPU and MATRIKS application. For me, aku duduk SBP, the kaunselors had done so much for us, termasuk membelikan no pin matriks dan UPU. so no excuses untuk korang berlagak hebat untuk tak mohon dua dua ni. Yes, chances nak dapat Matriks tu insyaAllah tinggi . UPU, ahh you need some intelligence there, in terms nak susun lapan pilihan tersebut.You'll learn some day. Or, I'll help you in another post. InsyaAllah.Matriks is not bad at all, as for me, its a very good route for you yang nak balas SPM years. Like school environment , if you strive hard for that 4flat : insyaAllah cerah peluang :) lagipun 1 year weh. kejap weh. And for UPU, for people yang you feel, you're capable enough for Asasi, go for asasi then rather than diploma. Sebab, you've got to realize yang sekarang, so many people graduates dengan Ijazah bagai. Sarjana. Masters. So, If You're Capable Enough For Asasi, go for it as diploma take time.*In case you have a very good plan to set up your goal. No harm, just advising.

Okay now, proceed with scholars. After 22nd *or 21st March after the results annouced. I got 7A's, all solid A's . no A minus. Sebab, to see reality, aku banyak lepas requirements scholar because that 7A gemuk. For example You get 9A's for SPM, and yet all you 9A's is A- pun susah. As banyak scholars for private companies, yang korang boleh ensure kerja lepas grad, wanna A solid for requirements.Korang selalu selalulah jenguk Afterschool.my , disitu banyak list scholars. Have a click, and If you passed  the requirements, do apply. do apply. do apply.

Calling back with memories, even aku begitu semangat meng-apply without ignoring that aku 7A's je *You know what, I eagerly want a scholarship as I know my parents cant afford nak menanggung aku belajar, besides ramai siblings and I just wanna have a try , I faced hard times, bila aku cakap dengan parents aku, I apply this and that because aku lepas minimum requirement, I have turned down by statements like : Berapa ramai luar sana yang berganda jauh lebih baik. bla.bla.bla and heart strucked. sakit sangat . I do admit ramai, but I see no harm in trying.Dont turned down by all this stuff guys. serious.  I applied for SimeDarby and Mongkabushu. Alhamdulillah, passed to the second stage. But I turned it down as jarak rumah dengan tempat interview. clash dengan waktu kerja parents aku. Oh. Redha.

MARA for 2012 annouced quite late and first, you got to stand nak mohon mana, either JPA or MARA. Aku tak apply JPA sebab JPA offers me engineers stuff. and aku memang awal awal tak lepas requirement dia and I waited for MARA. alhamdulillah. I go for LN 0335, law stuff. During days aku apply MARA, aku pernah putus asa, as they need two types of applications, online dan bertulis. Many people terlepas pandang benda ni, so you need to be alert all the time. You need to. To. To. Get yourself ready with :

1. All your basic info's
2. An essay. Career aspiration. Google for MARA essays. You'll find a lot. No worries. But I prefer writing by my own.
3.Get ready with your certificates. Paling cantik bila you can arranged it nicely according to their types. Academics. Koku's. Leaderships.

All this while. I tried hard. I face things alone. I just asked my parents to post applications and sign mana patut. Lain semua aku explore sendiri. Yaaa, things are hard kot bila kita tak achieve 9 A's big big. Tapi, I have no regrets. Worth of trying. Satisfied when you did it. :)

You guys should have , sikap macam ; NOT EASILY putus asa. EAGER in everything you do. REDHA untu merasa bahagia. TAWAKKAL as Allah had stated the best for you guys. Tapi selagi ada daya nak berusaha, keep going. For now, strive hard for all those A's . Things are too rigid, *too exam-based. Tapi kita takde pilihan. Humans. Companies differentiate you with the A's that you got. Orang pandai siapa taknak taja. After all. Try your very best. Mine had done. I have done my UPSR. my PMR . and SPM. and I feel satisfied with my life records. Let see, what will I face later for preparations.For degree life. I would eventually share :) I oftenly went out from class. Mocked by voices of failures. Ahh biasaaa tu. People wont stop talking and abusing. Naaaa human-type.

Currently waiting to enter International Education Centre , INTEC shah alam. preparation for A-level insyaAllah. And then, fly over the sea for degree in law. Allah will :') Pray for kakak eh :)

Any questions. Any comments. Feel free to do so. I'll answer you :) Blog.Facebook. Twitter. Mana mana. I'm avid to social networks. Lalalala :D

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