Hidup ikut kamus siapa? Kamus Masyarakat. Kamus Tuhan. You choose.

June 11, 2012

Assalamualaikum and have a nice day sisters.brothers.

Its my 30th posts.

I was called to write this because I have the guts to do so. It keeps playing on my mind. Walk-ing through the malls. The social places. Deep Sigh.

There is one time : When You Feel Awkward Regarding Allah's Rule. 

As your life was based to perceptions of humans.

Things are simple. Take one as an example. I am giving no harm to anybody.

Covering Your Aurat. It has stated vividly in balm of Allah. Al-Quran. But then, the percentages of Muslim who care about the rule? Lets say, half of them was aware regarding covering their aurat. How about the other half? Supposedly as Muslim. again repeated AS MUSLIM, 100 % of people should aware that covering aurat is obligated to all muslim. But then, why the other half were not practicing the right way.

Its seems like : Exposed your Aurat, no harm to do with it. Exposing Aurat is the trending things nowadays. Other people can, why I can't :o

 Its simple. Many answers can be told like :

1. My mom pun tak pakai tudung and my family said nothing about the way I dress.

2. People surrounds tak pakai tudung pun.

3. Hidayah Allah belum nak sampai.

you need MORE ANSWERS? ask yourself. You will know. Right on that particular time, you'll get the answer. The point of view of society.

again All The Answers come from the parts of society. Masyarakat. Yes, family is a part of society. People surrounds was called society and even such answer about : Hidayah belum nak sampai : I s a part of societies answers. See, hidup kalau dah berpaksikan kamus masyarakat. Again a deep sigh.

THE SOCIETY WANTED TO WIN THE GAME.the battle between the Allah rules and Society rules.

People don't exactly realize, their purpose of breathing and living on the earth. If only thy had , just a part of them. They failed too. Parenting Skills can be blame. But not as a whole. Many factors nowadays : social networks. Peers. World.

People May Admit that they're good enough. From their angle of viewing.

Sometimes society do said : Even aku tak pakai tudung, I did charities. Itu baik kan. Or even,

Alaaaaaah orang yang pakai tudung pun hati tak baik. Kami yang tak bertudung ni pun hati baik.

Aku pakai short . Even aku tak ke masjid , tapi aku baik.

REGARDING THE BAIK. does it enough by just saying : I dont kill people. I dont talk something about someone behind that person. I and so many reason. BAIK is like CANTIK. a general idea wont win peoples heart. People could refine BAIK, CANTIK, JAHAT in different angle

And for me, a BAIK is define towards Allah said. follows all the obligated things. Leave all the things that Allah forbidden us to do. Plus with usaha yang kita lakukan untuk ke arah kebaikan. After all, I should admit to change yourself towards the BAIK in perception of Allah is hard.

It takes times. Take strength to count in. But then The Usaha that You have done. We should refine it as BAIK jugak :) :)

Hiduplah berlandaskan kamus Tuhan. Search for the meaning of life dalam kamus Dia. Through the Two Thousand and Twelve Years and Through Tahun Hijrah Thousand Plus of years, Allah dah bagi kamus. Al-Quran. With translation. If we could spend our time, searching for new words dalam Oxford Fajar, Kamus Dewan bagai. I dont see any harm for us to seek for something from Allah verse. Aite?

Be THE PRECIOUS ONE. :) enjoy the video.

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