Life Like A Boss.

June 04, 2012

Even a boss doesnt seems to act like me.Yayy.

Assalamualaikum and a very happy days guys.girls.

Hey it's 4th of June. And I am not in CFS IIUM. I got a call, early in the morning : bertanyakan : Najwa, macam mana UIA? haha. end up . Kita ada kat rumah laaa ni . * siap dikata membohong. Blerghh. haha.Its a very fine day. Approximately more than 20 days to spend. What a life. Hectic. Life started , bangun jemur baju. sit back and relaks. Switch on the lappy. Open window for topsites. Open new tab for twitter. Another tab for youtube maybe and lifeless to the end. Ahaha. lemme. lemme. *exactly to pronounce this is LAME ME. not LET ME.

I wanted badly *badly and again badly to study but I have no idea. What type of subjects that I would learn? Its kinda like, a science streamer accidently fall into arts stream. So blank. Frankly, I have started to read more about laws life. The future life undertaking. *sesungguhnya aku selalu menibai pengunaan perkataan. I'll learn it some day.Get to know Common Exam Bars. Common Legal Practice. and all kinds of exam needed to be a lawyer.

Ahhh , next I should start mend my english. *sambil nyanyi OhMyEnglish. Lectures and all sorts all in english. Haha membayangkan kehidupan surrounded dengan English Things. Ahhh. One thing to note, I am a type of girl who loves Malay stuff. *selain Malay songs and Movies yang kinda err errrr lately. You know, I loves to read Malays love-story novels instead of english novels. No, I do read some. And not that much as I read Malays one.

People oftenly come to me, to ask, how to get the power to talk in english. To get so pro in english. *ahhh this is not ME who said those things. I gave them lame answers : Read english books. Ha-ha. Sorry guys. I dont know how I grown up to be someone who talk mat saleh. Like seriously IDK. IDK. I DONT KNOW. Maybe I'm surounded by chinese and different races during my primary years. BUT, i didnt mingle myself that often with them. Arghhh no idea. I talk rubbish all the way. Haha. The grammar esp. Sucks I know. Ignore them.

So you know why I write this? Angkat tangan siapa tahu.

Because I am super boringgggggg. I slept. I woke up to reply a text from an alien. I went to the kitchen for cold water *craving cold water even I'm in the baddddd fluuuuuu. And back to social networks life. Re-open new tab. AHHHH. lame. lame.

okay. faint out. five second.

Life short planning :

Hoping that I am no longer lazzy for tertiary level. Hoping that much. That High. Haaaah. Bytheway, I have shortlisted something to finish up during my years in INTEC. I wanna makesure that, I khatamkan Quran there. By mean on the very first July, starting back from Al-Fatihah . Performing more solat sunat. Carrying up with zikrullah. Yeahh you should know, even it takes 2 years *maybe before I went for there *UK insyaAllah .My mom worried so much regarding how my life going to be like , there. ( I guess every mom had the same feeling *maybe ) She's scared me turning out to be someone who against what she had taught me before. Yadaaaa, things like, wearing scarfs *more to how I am going to bring myself there. She is so scared about that. And to sooth her feeling *the feeling of scares, I should prepare myself. Betul. I know, rohani dalam kena betul betul kuat. So, this is the things that I would do . I would do. Enough said. InsyaAllah


she asked me : Kakak, sembahyang *maghrib berapa rakaat? I answered : 3. Ohh tadi baby dah buat satu, baby buat lagi dua laa ni :)

So I'm done with this. Doing re-checklist. For stuff. Ahhh banyak lagi K.I.V .blerghhhhh.

Bye. Assalamualaikum.

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