Debate. A Great Satisfaction.

May 11, 2012

Assalamualaikum and very happy day people :) Okay this is so morning for me of course. Slept at four and woke up at 7.30 Uishh seriously feeling like tengah duduk dalam universities life or even not this suck kot. Tidur lambat gaya esok berexam and bangun awal like youngsters .Ohhh what a life.*no it is not that relief-sound. What a pathetic life. *correction :)

So I enjoyed blog-walking in the morning and happened to meet a post. A post which I feel aspired when my eyes scrolled down through the post. Yes, its about debate. A great satisfaction.Even with not that much winning stuff. But I really take a great satisfaction when it comes to D.E.B.A.T.E .you'll never know how it feel .*okay aku sangat menjiwai debate.

Back to how I entered debate in my school. Never thought that I would do. Never expecting to be in a game.Never expect to graduate as a debater. HIGHLY demanded person to talk in one occasion using English as a medium. Bukan nak mengerek but its reality in Selandar. Its hard to encourage people to have such a confidence in themselves in terms of soft-skilling.  But somehow, debate really drives me.Having no coach even I really wish I had one All by ourselves. Tsk Tsk. sungguh terasa terasing even five years membawa nama sekolah bersama ke luar but still no one would notice. Y so unfair. Haha Q ini sebenarnya untuk siapa. Even I got gold for symposium pun orang buat tak heran. Ignorant sungguh. *T.T

I remember in 2007 when I first enter the debate stuff. Everything seems like flying in the head. The words.The velocity of words that spoken. The idea on what They're talking about. And paling cb when an abang asked me : Kau faham ? *tell me how. I am one kind yang nak menang jugak.Pretending that I understood. Before I node for YES, dia menyambung ayat. Kau tak faham. Kau faham apa je.Kau tak faham apa apa. Pehh paling menyentap.Paling menyentap. I feel like, its the end of my debate stuff. Done. Haha. First day masuk, down to the earth.

Stressed by debate : Yes.Its about sacrifices.You used to spend hours for a non-well-understood-motion. Having a brainstorm when other people enjoying their weekends. No coach. No well trained. Everything is gathered  from experiences. *makoih sumpah sedih. Realized how black sheep we are. sobbing .

I am not a flexible speakers. Or never given a chance to change position. So last as the third. The evil third. But I really enjoy it. Ahh, my first competition was in 2008, IIUM Interschool Debate . straight seven game . *with no experiences at all.And I went for PPM to, but that one sucks. Haha out of three game.I played one and suck suck suck. I drive my team to loose. *kemain bangga lagi :P

Truthfully, I have learned so many many things in debate. I gained self-confidence. I have one credit that other people don't. *in Selandar esp esp esp. I used to spend 1.30 a.m at school for discussion and begging makcik jaga to open the gate for us. I used to feel suck .Feel so negative.But yet, I feel like enlighten up when it comes into debate. No matter what we get, whether winning or loosing one thing. Its normal and that is not what I chase in debate. I chase for experiences.

There was once , before my senior left my school : I vividly remember he said : My team gonna be the worst team ever. Mean by we can't win any game and I was *feeling bagus sangat. I'll prove you wrong even aku pun pernah rasa, my team will be the worst team. Haha.

But everything went well and turned to be the most succesful team. *cikgu yang cakap. sekian. Finale for district. PPM over 3 games, we won 2 and both game, I am the best speaker. Sadly loose one , kalau tak dah ke second stage. So cool huh :) *haha terbangga sekejap. Cuma tak sempat untuk ke IIUM sebab sebab sebab, its July and kalau aku nak merasa makan cemuhan masyarakat dan sindiran, I spend a week dah dengan IIUM :p

Eh I miss my debate family. Great seniors where I feel like so so junior bila dengan mereka.Dimanjakan like kucing. They come in rescued when I need someone to support. So them is so cool . Cool sangat *ulang banyak cool boleh? The most last last thing which proved I am a good speaker is the Gold Award for FRSIS. okay ayat bunyi perasan :O

To tell everything , what I have been through in debate is so so the many. Memories act better than words does. Yiba.Yiba.Yiba :). Okay done. Debate make me someone who can babble to much. Tulis pun nak sepanjang panjang mungkin. But I am glad I am a debater . And insyaAllah tanpa aral, I'll be carrying up this profession during my tertiary level. Hoping for a coach. *itu of course. Haha and satu kenyataan ialah *saya tiada gambar taken ,*ke aku tak simpan. Adaa, tapi dalam album :) *apa aku keling sangat. I am one of the forum panel in International Benchmark to Brunei. See, two debaters there. Me and Aqmal :) We're highly demanded. HAHA.

its TKC dinning hall. Dengan juniors. :) My debate team. 

Kbye. Adios people. :)

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