My MARA Interview 2012 version *wink wink*

May 13, 2012

Assalamualaikum. *sila senyum lelebar * saya dah done dengan Interview MARA 2012.


so-that-happy. Like FINALLY. fuhhh ==, *adore weh despicable me*

Meeting new people and gain more experiences *tagline MARA aku. Hahah.

Programme applied : LN 0335, law. Preparation : Intec *like seriously aku baruuu tahu ==''
Degree programme : United Kingdom.

*no pictures taken kerana saya cuma memiliki Csl second hand 30 hengget :p

Alhamdulillah the interview went well and praise Allah for that. I arrived at Polytech Mara Bangi somewhere at 8.15 am where my interview started at 9.00 am. I met my group members. SBPians gathered.One from Sbpi Gopeng, SMAP Kajang, Sekolah Alam Shah, SMAP Labu , MRSM Muar and one *unknown* . We take some time before the interview starts and had a short conversation. Yayyy for getting such a great group.  Alhamdulillah. You guys rock la :D

Last night, I had an instinct that I would get the 100 k as my question and yes it turned out to be that. Lots of pros actually to get into the last day interview. We got to know the questions and how the proses should be. And I called it awesome.

So for me, basically its about : You must talk. Not to be so upshine. Not to be so down shame. Just be you. I’m not saying that, I have such a great confidence there. No matter you debater ke, public speakers ke apa, that things have no counts there. But seriously it’s a great discussion. We get to interact. We gathered ideas and its nice. Everyone had their own credit in the discussion. Questions point out in my group is like :
  • Why you take law.
  • Do you think you will make a good leader instead of the leader *previously.
  • Present what is your business is all about.
  • Why do you choose to make a consultation out of others.( its my idea, so I’m the one who answered this )
  •  As a leader, what challenges you encountered just now.
  •  How should a leader be, for you?
  •  Question to the only one candidate who take medic is , one day if you want to use a lawyer, who would you choose.

I got 7 in the group and I’ve pointed out all the questions we had. Yes, personally I found out that, we’re a bit slow at start as everyone was not focused on their positions given. And even, other people used to take your job. But, we’re backing up each other. Everyone had a chance to speak up. To give ideas and yet, Alhamdulillah, mine is easy and again Alhamdulillah.Tapi secara keseluruhan, I do found out yang , maybe we’re a group of upcoming lawyers. Lawyers kan masing masing ada strength nak bercakap secara luar biasa *hahah my general opinion on others laaa . So persaingan bercakap itu wujud. Do exist orang yang nak menguasai keadaan secara keseluruhan. Tapi kita kena cool , cool je. HAHA *im serious wehh. I’m not putting too much hopes. To get it, it’s called REZEKI and after all, REZEKI ITU RAHSIA ALLAH. To Not to Get that, Alhamdulillah jugak. Allah dah fares a better  fate for you. Personally, tips that I would like to share in this type of discussion is :

  • Be yourself. For me  is, be humble yet you can speak up and give ideas.
  • Let other people to talk, is like, not only You giving out points.
  •  If you had a leader, respect the leader and he or she actually will be the head of discussion.
  • Be considerate. Other people have their ideas, hear carefully.
  • Give your full attentions.
  • Jangan tamak *diperingatkan sekali lagi. JANGAN TAMAK.JANGAN TAMAK.Its a group discussion, let other people to talk. Let them.

I terconteng kertas hijau yang soalan tu. Seriously its my bad. Shuuuu. Shuuu. I coincidentally write on the paper. Thanks Ajlaa , the one beside me reminded me. Auccc. Thanks sis. Haha. Pengajaran, sila ambil perhatian , kepala jangan menerawang. Lala. Kejap. Before I forget, this proses started when You post the application. You need to be reminded during application. Its like. 

  • Read up instructions, if said to post and to do it online.
  • Your certificate, please arrange them orderly, by mean, academics, kokurikulum, leaderships.
  • Essays, its good when you can write from your heart. A very sincere essay. *no, its my personal opinion. If you can write, write it from your heart.

So I enjoyed the MARA interview so much. Making DOA, no matter where I go, its for Allah. Meneruskan perjuangan untuk mencari keredhaan. Its about 4300 people selected to face the interview. 3000 will be elected. Making doa. Not that much *high high * hopes , takut later on you’ll suffer when you didn’t achieve it. Brush up English perlu tak? Hmm. Hmm. Talk simple. Use basic words. When you can talk sikit sikit, biasa biasa pun okay. No need so high standard. Jangan show off sangatlah kot. *people got annoyed wehh *haha aku la yang ter- annoyed kejap tu. :o . *ke macam frank sangat ni :P :p

Believe that. When you got the interview stuff. You’re lucky enough. And have a trust yang kita sama je level dengan orang lain. Sama sahaja. So don’t get easily distracted bila ada orang yang power power bercakap. You deserve to talk and give ideas. Tak really fluent, its okay. At least you tried your best.When you actually tried, people can judge the sincerety and usaha awak tu, Trust me yauuu.

I am making you feel Anyone and Anyone and again Anyone can face this :)

Be friendly. Make new friends. No harm pun weh. I met new awesome people. Tracking Pa’a from Seratas. Serious sedih tak dapat any contact number dari Pa’a. A great girl. So so so so good girl and hockey player yang kelakar *haha Pa’a anda sangat eco-friendly  :)

Sandarkan segala kecuakan pada yang Maha Esa. :) Keep praying.


IF IT YOURS, WILL REMAIN YOURS. Bila Allah dah tentukan itu fate kita, no matter what you’ll get that. Yeah.Yeah. Have faith. Have faith.Have faith. Ketentuan Allah, yang baik yang buruk, itu semua Allah dah set.

THANKS FOR THE SUPPORTS. Esp from the families. From the batch members. Yang making calls. Terhaghu. Doakan saya. And the batch. :')

ADIOS people. Assalamualaikum. Enjoy it then. 

And by the way , here I attached along my essay for the application I made previously. It was hillorious, grammar suck semuaaaaaa ; written months after SPM ( sejak sejak tak belajar - miahahha ) boleh dijadikan rujukan :

Kinda long.

                Aspired by Al-Marhum Professor Emeritus Tan Sri Datuk Ahmad bin Mohamed Ibrahim, the founding father of Kuliyyah of Law IIUM had boost up my spirit to be a lawyer one day. As a part of a family with high academic standards, I’ve always been pushed to continuously perform in my academics since I stepped in my first kindergarten. Honestly, I am a big sized girl. Being abused by mocking voices since I was in primary makes me someone stronger. I know, lots of people outside there had one stage of mind where: Fat people are stupid, useless, have low self-confidence and all negative words that relate. As I grown up, I tried so hard to make people change their perceptions regarding fat people.
                 Through the years, I’ve developed myself to be someone who have good personality, where I have excellent soft skills, I make a great leader based on my high-school achievements. Since I was young, my mum taught me to be someone brave, someone who is outspoken without taking much less regarding perceptions and people teasing. I participated actively in debate and symposiums. In year 2011, I’ve been selected to be one of the Gold Award Receiver in Fully Residential School International Symposium held in Sekolah Tun Fatimah. In debate field, I was the third speaker throughout my five years in Fully Residential School . Naturally, I have a great passion in politics, giving reviews regarding pros and cons of a statement.
Getting solid strong  7A’s on last 21st March had make me even determined to become a lawyer. I know judiciary field is a tough and challenging field for most people outside there but I enjoy working with challenges and stress which I believe it will make me someone who keep standing in any situations. Come turbulences or anything, I know I can. As stated before, I am a big sized girl , but I am very sure you’ll be impressed with the zeal I had inside me. I am a Vice Head Prefect 2 for 2010/2011 , through the years as a school prefect, every year we must attend various of courses. The main idea why we need to face lots of courses are, being a prefect in Fully Residential School is much more challenging as we are the one who works for the teachers 24hours 7 days. On 1st April 2010, we hiked Gunung Ledang and we had some outdoor activities such as flying foxes. I was nominated to be the the best participant for that course which I have proved to the people surrounds me, especially my school that even physically, I don’t seems to be capable enough for the mountain hiking , I proved them wrong. There shows how Don’t Judge A Book by its Cover works . Another clear evidence regarding my excellent achievements in academics and leaderships, was when I was in form 2, 2008, I’ve been nominated by the school to participate in an international leadership course , People to People Leadership Summit 2009 which held somewhere in United States. But sadly, I didn’t go for the course because of certain reasons besides I am facing my Penilaian Menengah Rendah in year  2009.
People questioned me : I am a science student, where I learned science subjects during my high school  , why I would like to be a lawyer instead of being someone in medical courses. They might say that I have wasted my five years in SBPI Selandar Melaka. But that was not what I think. I don’t see any flaws there, for me it’s the matter of getting of knowledge. Learning various of knowledge doesn’t seems to have any harms there. One thing happened in my life, where that really drives my passion to become a lawyer happened last in February. I lost my dear uncle in a car-crash. I’ve been reviewing his case where he was hit by a car  and now his case was brought to the courts . The one who hit him said that it was the fault of my late uncle. I am not saying that my late uncle was not the one who hit him but I know, logically, through the cases and pictures taken, I know where the justice should stand. I’ve been promising to myself, I want to be someone who seek for justices and it shows that, being a lawyer is the right choice for me. I am not trying to be so emotional here but these were some of my challenging route of life.
If ever in five to six years, I graduate as a lawyer, first and for most, I would like to involve myself in banking where I believe I make a good financial planner. As stated before , I am aspired the founding father of Kuliyyah of Law IIUM, he was the one who established Islamic Banking in Malaysia in 1970’s. I really adore him as he was the one who handled Natrah case, which was written in Malaysia Books of Record. I show a deep interest in planning financial for a company as I developed as a good planner during my school years. As I took Syariah Islamiah as an added subject during SPM, I’ve learned various ways in Muammalat. Muammalat is one of the core in Syariah which mainly discussing about money and investments. At the end of my carrier, besides having my own law firm, I would like to pursue my studies at the higher level which I believe that, I will be a PHD holder one day with tittle : Dr. Anis Najwa bte Nazari. Then I would like to follow the steps of my idol, which I will end up to be a lecturer and I will make more lawyers to contribute to the country.
I have a responsible inside me where I know that I play a great role to save Malays at our own beloved country. I want to develop Malay people like MARA does. I want more Malays to get involved into justice field as we can see throughout these years; Indians were more dominant in this field. I am not trying to be racist but I don’t want to see my own race be minority at our own country, Malaysia. Because I believe that this judiciary field relate to politics really close. And to see Malaysia to fall for someone who is not Malay one day is not a thing that I want to see, or even previous leader wants. 
I hope that my profound passion in the judiciary field will enable me to be given a chance to earn this scholarship in this particular course. And with this scholarship, I could give better life and situations for my family , my race, my society and lastly it would benefited Malaysia as well. 
Hope this might help.  

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