doing check listed : *haru*

May 21, 2012

Assalamualaikum people. *bajet artis like many people read je gaya* okay fine. T.T. despite greeting salam kan mendoakan. pooodaa.

Oh okay I tipu if I said, yaa I don' care people wanna read or what. But yet, still I wanna share.Nak baca ke.Tak nak ke. La ba'sa = tak mengapa :) *okay pasrah*

so I haven't started yet doing checklist. I am so lazy then. So damn lazy to read admission forms. Yawn while reading CFS IIUM group. Siap tertidur sat membezakan post membina dan post rempitz pitz like fuu. And after tough days reading : finally made it. I should get my planner. Sit and write. Think. and so so stuff. And I just dont get any idea. Sampai perlu bantuan orang : what type of alat tulis I wanna buy.Like seriously aku orang yang sangat ignorant waktu sekolah. I messed up my stuff. And jarang nampak pencil box aku penuh. Because, I prefer to bring a pen. a mechanical. pembaris sometimes. pemadam to any class. *saya serious* only bringing listed stuff without pencil box. aku tak suka pakai pencilbox kot :P so memang selalunya muka aku pergi meminjam stapler.salotape.gam.gunting. *my bad*

I am going to change this typical habit. I wanna have mine. Halalala wonderful.

Okay. *edited post* I've done my very first phase of checklist. Basic one. Really basic.Three column. First stationeries. Second what UIAM demand .Third is personal. Haha dia macam list barang nak balik asrama *yawn* I have no idea. Ahh, demmm with EPT and APT. Praise when I am studying for these stuff. After all, I wanna make things short. 2 years for foundation studies are too long for me. make it 1 year and a half. puhleaseee.  And here is my so-called-new-bad-handwriting. and the check list of course. One page only aaa.

see. yang UIAM demand. Whoaaa.
not bad kan handwriting. 

so you have any brilliant ideas on what I gonna bring. Please. I need the ideas. Okay people. I am *yawn*ing too much already. Have a blast in your life. pray my day there. :')

Stressed out thinking that I'll be leaving biology so soon. Last week, I heard a talk. Really scientific like and yes I do understand all those biology punya istilah. Ahh. sobs sobs <3 

Nawaitu Li'lah hi Ta'ala. Belajar dan menuntut ilmu. Seek for redha :')

ps " I got my new phone already. Haha. big tata to CSL. Wanna have one celcom number instead.

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