May 24, 2017


I could FINALLY say those precious words . well omit the graduation part, till then pray for the smoothness of my life. Finished my last paper today, the thing about commercial is that, its just way too big that I don't exactly know how to narrow the scope. I watched tons of times, the same credit crunch video to understand the relation between the subprime mortgages and all the CDO's and even suddenly this Lehman brothers in my sight again , last was in macro-economics paper last three years. 

Nevertheless, thank you Allah for all the affairs in my life. I'm blessed with very kind souls at the age of 23, many may say that they've encountered the evil world with evil people, but as for now I am very blessed with very kind people. 

Claimed my birthday meal today from Cafe Aroma - I was like err excuse me can I claim my birthday meal in a very awkward tone #likecanIactuallydothis haha which I barely ate the burger, finished the chips and salad #wayyyyyytogoveges , a birthday surprise on top of that - thank you girls. Your mere existence is a blessing to me. 

So there's so many significant things happening on my birthday, last 6 years in 2011, I won two debate round and was the best speaker for both, and wear the same birthday outfit today, the one I wear back in 2014 on the 24th of May too ( that was when I'm juggling between more than ten papers ahah #stillalive ) and after three years, fast forward, here I am finished my last undergraduate paper on the 24th of May. 

I guess the blessings I had today came from the people around me, the wishes and prayers. May Allah bless you all kind souls, with the eternal happiness insyaAllah. Can't thank enough for the presence of my family around me, signifies jatuh bangun Anis Najwa. Keep me always in your prayers. 

For now, I'm just going to enjoy the moment till it lasts. 

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