off biscuits and bananas

May 30, 2017

A year ago, I had this one long due post which I kept in my draft - basically sahur menu for Ramadhan last year since I'm battling with my jet lag, I am always the first to wake up in the morning but as time passes by, its rather frustrating tho since my father and my brothers don't really fancy eating rice in the morning I mean they do but I guess the max I will cook in the morning is like 2 pot of rice and itupun jarang habis - and iols pun demotivated nak masak pepagi. 

I am not sure why the tittle is off biscuits and bananas haha excuse me 

so I've un-installed my facebook app from the phone - because I need to make space inside my phone. Its so frustrating wehhhh every morning to see 'some might not function due to the limited space' message, I need to be cautious when it comes to downloading stuff from the whatssap and constantly need to delete stuff. 

Which is anno-ying.

And the worst part of it is you don't exactlly know why is it full - I mean who occupied most of the space . I know someday I need to reset this phone for good but I am afraid that some stored the forgotten passwords - all the notes ( Mi backed them up so no worries ) 

but still being such an amateur when it comes to phone and technology related, ( hyeeeelppppp me its a hey and help and the same time haha ) 

I am afraid some things will go missing and what if that some things are so important - yet kesabaranku tidak mengenal limit hahaahahhahahha and since its Ramadhan and all the devils are caught - 

you finally realized that all these while , all the bad part is always you and not the devils *cough ayam goreng Ajlaa cooked for iftar* 

Its a good thing tho deleting facebook, less interchangeable between the apps in this holy Ramadhan, what I mean by that is that, usually when you're so bored with instagram you'll go to twitter ( but my attachment towards twitter had been declining significantly since last year ) , and eventually you'll become bored with your phone and do other things instead. I usually spent so much time on facebook reading massive of things plus watching non stop videos. 

They have tons of good articles there *sigh*

Ngiau its the 4th Ramadhan already - here's I am contemplating over my decision of not going back to Malaysia for Ramadhan and Syawal. This thought breaks my heart - each time 

Kau anak tabah * pat your own shoulder * * while eating biscuits with banana * * I bought two packets of banana from Lidl * * because you got 20% off when you buy 3 of the discounted items ( I include a packet of pear and I've been eating them well, well better compared to the apples ) 

see biskut tahan lama haha I have 18 hours at least to go 

But anyway people seems to be making fuss over this 18 hours, I mean yeah its longer than usual but to be contemplating for it over and over again seems not necessary for me idk. 

May Allah keeps us in His rahmah and blessings and we can do this ! 

I came across this one ayat in Al-Ankabut ( or was it in Ar-rum - I'll check it soon ) ( there's even a surah named after the Romans ) that speaks about Allah inspires fears and hope through the thunderstorm - and recently after a series of hot and sunny days in the UK,

Then this one night, I guess on the first Ramadhan, it was raining heavily with the lightning and thunderstorm , its not common for those scenario to happen in  the UK because usually the rain is so calm and sometimes you don't realize that it was raining until you see the apps or look outside the window, and to the obvious, you walked in the rain. 

And after many months of no thunderstorm and whatnot, it do scares me a bit. Before I went to bed, I open the window and I slept next to the window pane because its closer to the fan hehe. But as it starts raining , I move to the other side of bed * while thinking is it okay for me to go to my housemate's room because I am scared * * Ajlaa said that she heard me moving upstairs* *I'm such a scaredy cat meow I know* 

at the same time I was really grateful that finally its raining after such a sunny week. And indeed Allah inspires fear and hopes at the same time - the rain was indeed a blessing to the earth and us, Malaysians in the UK. 

Ramadhan kareem to us all insyaAllah :) 

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