patches of memories

May 27, 2017

so I tried barbecue ( with and 'ing' indicating a verb ) using the easy barbecue pack - sold anywhere in the UK at the very low price, I got a fairly decent one capable of working nicely for an amateur like me from Tesco for £2. 

I guess I've done barbecuing for many times before but often my brothers will come to the rescue. I'll cheat with whatever chores that won't involve the smokes and charcoals. I always wanted to do barbecue at the backyard and yeah I did when I was in my first year but the guys do all the outdoor cooking. But this time its just a simple feast with my housemate just to chill before Ramadhan. Give me a space of acknowledging my hard work - kah kah kah #loveyourself

A random plan, I marinated the chicken last night with my eyes half open. My sleeping pattern seems to be fixed now, woke up very early, a nap around 11 or 12 just like babies do. And around 12-1 am I'll go to bed, caffeine is not working on me, nayy I tried for few times, I guess when it comes to studying, yawning and being sleepy is a perfect equation. ( or you just need to accept that you're getting older and staying up is just nayyy no thank you )

Oh by the way it seems so weird, all of sudden different people, from patch of my lost memories , and perhaps parts that don't count as memories contacted me, if there's a legal term for this - it will be 'perished' nowhere to be found. 

I am so sorry guys, I may claim that I'm good with my memories but my memories are rather selective towards documentations but when it comes to people, I am not sure how that section of my brain works. 

Just like how I never came across Ajlaa in my memories when I was the one who approached her and the group. 

And just like how I forgot someone I met in a drama competition and come to watch me in my tournament, even meet me after the game to say that I did well but yeah I was constructing courtesy replies to escape the puzzling moment - then suddenly a senior mine told me that the person searched for the room which I had my round at just to see me debate ( because I looked uninterested by the persons presence , just like a passing wind and not even trying to remember 'who are you again' ) - oh gawd save my helpless memories I'm drowning 

But its fun though, you kinda like put these messy pieces of puzzle in place. I remembered the blurry memories of getting a packet of keropok bantal - I am not sure whats the exact name and never bother to know one - and getting down the slide during recess time but just that fullstop. 

Oh yeah perhaps lining up to the toilet seems memorable now - but not more. 

ps in case you are a part of my memories , please do help me to rekindle it back. I wish. I really do. 

Just like how I wanted to know who came to me last 6 years when I was sitting for dinner at the symposium and asked for a picture, I said yes without asking why or who are you . I was perhaps that easy heh. Its not a big deal anyway. 

It's just a picture lol perhaps now the evidence vanished already, the camera got stolen or drown into the Mediterranean sea or getting dusty in the cupboard as Apple makes more appealing accessible photos. #techonologychangeseverything #somanyjustlike #limitedvocabularyalert 

Now that I'm writing - I hope it helps me with my memories and helps me to complete the patches of memories and life generally. More pieces of puzzles to be collected soon and perhaps I need to spend my time outdoor because if I'm collecting more puzzles of memories now it will be so dull then - its just me my bed my fan ( I wish I have fans - I do now, a 9 inch and a 6 inch clip fan, I need fans , the fanatics one hahahahahahahha ) and unsettled laundries. 

I am now in the phase of playing exploding kittens - and this was in between the exam days, I screenshot 'ed those because I was the defuse expert - now not anymore can't be bothered ay 

exam susah tapi pi main kitten , hahah that's me the exam susah

not wanting to get caught of my strategies, I changed my name. Its strategy too. Funny how this game actually make me a strategist ( angkat bakul angkatkan berjemaah ) 

What happened to your prep answers for the questions asked by your grandchildren ' Nek last time when you were in the UK what did you do? ' I'm the anxious granny now !

btw I've been wanting to write like old times - manglishing everything. But at the same time I need to work on my English. 

hahahahaha I've been writing a lot these days. Good to see you here Najwa. 

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