the long day and short night

May 31, 2017

its 3.50 am in the morning , just ate bubur for sahur and I'll go to sleep after this. 

There's this one ukhti in Cardiff recently wrote a piece of beautiful writing to be reflected upon about whether the 18 hours of fasting is a nikmat or otherwise ( I better read again the tittle ) but the gist of the post speaks about how this 18 hours of daylight and do your math on the night left is actually one of the biggest blessing

Why is that, I just realized that a shorter night always makes you concious and awake mainly because you feel the force to take at least a sip of water 

( tipu, at least a sip of water with 3 pieces of kurma ) ( tipu, you might even consider bananas as they supplies [more] glucose or should I say fructose ey ? haha help meeeee) 

so the fact that you're more concious than ever, you rarely fall asleep and finds it easier to perform qiam , though tahajjud is [almost] out of question ( I am still not sure about the need to fall asleep for a moment ) ( because falling asleep is so hard when you're too scared that you might fall asleep and tadadada wake up for subuh instead ) you still have the chance to do other ibadah sunat. 

and I hope its a big reminder to me to always make a full use of that concious time moreover towards the end of Ramadhan - and have I told you that the night sky in the UK is not always that dark - its always grey in colour I don't know how to describe it but yeah camtulah. 

this is towards the dawn - but at night its that greyish blue idk hahah I am bad at this 

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