Ahlan wasahlan ya Ramadhan :)

May 27, 2017

Experienced a week last year, so this means nothing new for me except for this time around Raya will be here too and 30 days of 18 hours fasting.

 InsyaAllah we'll get through this, as the weather outside has been scorching hot that the local neighbours decided to sun bathing on the roof yesterday , as if they're at the beach meanwhile us Malaysian decided to stay indoor and wonder why is it so hot outside ( plus trying to understand 'y sunbathing?' ha ha )

so we ran for errands yesterday, buying 14 baby chickens from the store ( we finished them all ha ha ha ) , then there's this sudden mood of barbecue came , hopped to three different halal stores which are not so near to each other looking for chicken wings but I guess everyone else cooked chicken wings for their first day of sahur - we had to agree with drumstick ay not a bad choice either

It's been a year and alhamdulillah we are here again, meeting Ramadhan. The Malaysian committees distributed the dates and the Ramadhan calendar earlier. #reasonswhyIloveCardiff And I ate around 5 of the dates already hahaha may Allah bless these kind souls and for every penny spent, may Allah gives you in return, branches of good rewards here and the life after. 

I went through my phone album last week and I saw my mom's aunt in a raya picture last year ( basically she's my nenek sedara , how do you say that in English anyway ) and she died last two months I guess because of cancer. And I vividly remember that I met her right before I went back to the UK. And now she is not here anymore. May Allah place her soul among the righteous and give ease to my atuk sedara and his family strengths. 

indeed death is the best reminder above all. 

and I guess it was yesterday, I had a conversation with one of my adik usrah, and it feels so good that finally some barriers are being torn apart, I am no good with this sharing session which it makes me feels so bad that I am very bad at it, but I must admit that I don't open myself up that often . Its a sense of someone does actually believes in you and sees you as someone they can talk to. I hope this lasts forever insyaAllah even we're going to be apart soon. 

Lets embrace the (hot) UK while I'm still here, I am going to miss Cardiff dan seisinya. 

Next year puasa kat Malaysia dah - don't know where-or with who-or even, sempat ke? 

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