stepping up the game.

May 31, 2017

Time stamp : 1824 30th May 2017 
Location : On this comfy bed accompanied by the 6 inch fan - Treherbert Street 

This year I decided to go with my own plan and pace.

Instead of joining tadarus groups, I choose to continue with my yearly Khatam Quran project, which alhamdulillah finished the first round ( started somewhere around September 2015 )  on 15th of November 2016 and now onto the second year - and today I am at Surah Sajadah. 

I remembered back in highschool there's this one time I bet its Ramadhan , we need to memorize the surah and it was in my junior year ( as I sensed the force of doing so haha ) no wonder it sounds familiar but shame on me of not continuing it ( soon insyaAllah )

The first year of  khatam Quran - its 2 pages after Maghrib everyday without fail. Include reflecting upon each verses ( tadabbur ) 

The second year - its 2 pages after Maghrib and Isyak. Including tadabbur part too. 

And since its Ramadhan , which might be one of the best turning point for anyone's life , I am trying to step up the game , funny how each time I was lazying around , this phrase of 'lets step up the game' keep me going. Its 2 pages after every prayer. 

And it feels good in some way , seeing how much you progress in the second projection. May this be one of the thing that I keep looking forward to do it each day. It may be a small step but I'm trying to instil steadfastness ( is it the right word for istiqamah? ) 

Thinking of making a tree of deeds - one leaf for one page of Quran , an apple for the days you fast , and perhaps one grass for each terawih. Yay or nay, been thinking about this since yesterday but yes, I was too lazy to even draw ( but got time to complete her noob level of scrapbook haha ) 

and I shall start reading books too, Aside from just Quran. Kena jadi muslim proactive and critical at the same time ! 

Ayuh Najwa ! Doakan seorang Najwa please. 

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