why I'm writing a post at this hour

May 21, 2017

it doesn't really makes sense that I am writing a post at this hour juggling between how legit was Akindele's authority is saying it is unconscionable for the third party to retain benefit in establishing liability for knowing receipt. Spelling unconscionable makes me concious enough - okay where to put s-c-i-o-again?

But its been a while since I caught this one, I might say a good thinker, as I am intimidated  with that person bringing up arguments - I mean its good at some point because the person does have his/her stand - and perhaps at some points I don't think its inviting towards a healthy discussion. 

I did went through different posts to see why that person is acting that way - you can tell one, its a bad history, perhaps the person met a wrong person that gave the whole wrong idea. 

Funny how I choose to use the word 'intimidated' up there, is because I disagree with the person, and the only argument I can put forward now is, what if you kinda stop now and try to understand from the other perspective. and can't provide more than that ( its a hopeless argument ) . Understand here does not mean, 'oh yea I'm trying to understand it on surface *and I read tons of academics to support my view and understanding' but more like 'experience it'

Just because you had a bad experience, you're somehow in your posts and arguments - inclining towards 'let's not be a part of them because what they're doing doesn't make sense'. 

Marah dengan diri sendiri sebab takboleh nak provide a counter legit arguments . Maybe for now I shall hide that person's post from my sight. 

in a meanwhile, equipping myself with proper knowledge and understanding. To be someone who empowered the reason why she choose to stay in this journey. 

Keep in mind * reminder to myself * everyone wants a good ending and they're striving it in their own way. And that person is also having his/her own way too and may your readings and arguments guides you closer to Him 

Boleh bertenang kot sekarang and continue with disagreement of 'dishonesty' in Royal Brunei v Tan and Twinsectra - suddenly with this Barlow and Abou Rahmah in scene. 

ugh law school. Why I'm doing this again. 

add image from your phone on exam days be like.

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