fancy yet fragile

May 24, 2017

I know that very soon less than 24 hours I'll be sitting for my commercial paper - the last paper for undergrad and my mood is so gloomy today, I've been so anxious all day thinking there's so many things to revise yet its tomorrow. Cried in the middle of revision tho for reasons I don't know why. Najwa Najwa. 

On the night of my birthday, Allah gave me the sight of Al Ankabut, the very same surah Allah showed me when I was sitting alone by the lake. That speaks about 'kerbergantungan dengan Allah' , people who cling on other things aside from Allah, as if they're clinging on the spiders' house - fancy yet fragile. 

Perhaps Allah is sending me a message to recheck on to whom or to what I put my desires and hopes to. 

23 years of living, nothing more valuable than the chance He gave me to embrace my own belief. Wishing that Allah will still choose and keep me steadfast in this journey. 

May Allah ease our lives. Happy Birthday Anis Najwa. xx 

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