Addmath Itu Complicated?

November 28, 2012

Yeah the formula tells me the whole idea of Addmath : fikiran zaman zaman millenium 2010. Being mocked by voices Addmath Susah Addmath Freaking Addmath Erghhhhh. So resulting into a retarded mind of me who repel on addmath positive charges.

Ye Budak Budak * konon ada yang baca. Haha who cares.* yang bakal ambik addmath masa form four. Ataupun sedang mengalami masalah dengan addmath, sila jangan hubungi saya. I cant solve your problem. Hahah * guling guling* What I love to say is : Addmath don't bite people. :p

Gheeesh why in this world I had that typical mind set at the first place * tears streamed down - insert Kiss The Rain by Yiruma lulz* Because I can have it at the second place. Uuuuuu lame jokes . Eyes in the air. Blergh. 

Oh I got B+ for Addmath. I  mean SPM. Not bad. For me : Major Failure Dealing With Number. Sobs.

Hari ni terasa nak tulis post kat center. Kaitan? I give you no reason. 

I was actually in a state of mind thinking that I'm taking math for the next semester. Why in this world it should be MATH. See typical harden mind. Freakin' out. I thought once I took up A-level taking psychology as an added subject with no MATH would be a heaven * flying in the air , dancing around* But yeah suddenly I fell on the ground. After flying and dancing happily in the air. An air-bus crash me . Airbus? Seriously? 

Math classes.
I had this type of disorders. Yeahh pretty I am a loner. At this time being. Boo me reading 9Gag. Haha

As stated : We MUST take MATH as its an order from JPA.Ottoke? ( mood kogheaaa )
Because out of 50 top universities in UK , only 47 will take you if you have no MATH, So JPA wanted you to have chances to apply to all of them. Whattt? Like seriously its 47/50 maaaaaan. * tarik rambut tak paham* Saya yang menurut perintah 0.0

Well actually when I was in Form 5. After an effective holidays : I went for addmath personal tuition. Harus faham yang aku ni sangat sangat slow dalam addmath. So I crawl like a snail. Do snail crawl? Eh? Abaikan. Addmath wasn't that freakin hard. Masih boleh menelan saliva saliva masuk ke dalam kerongkong. Usus masih boleh mencernakan makanan and the biological process lists goes down.(  I miss biology. Ughh Big Time. )

Logarithm give me a sense of Walllaaaaa when I can solve it after a blurr year of RIP'ing +Math.
I cant really remember but there's a part in addmath where I excel in it. Ergh makin pudar nampaknya neuron dalam kepala perihal Addmath. 

But yeahh. Actually I've been promising myself. That I'll always say I CAN for Math. What I need is always a new start like a baby. Mushhhy musssshy. Be positive. Be optimistic. Lighten up enough? No? Oh Ya? Confidence is my middle name. Grrr . Haha. After 3 weeks of holidaaaay I still ain't connecting myself with all those A-level books yang tersusun rapi. Mana pergi janjimu? Weheeee.  

A month to go. And please don't waste it. 

But still I am not good in NUMBERS . Gimme me lots of WORDS, I'll interpret it well. Miahaha.

STILL, I am hoping that , that that that my mind works on it.

* hoping faces *

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