Mindset. We have the power to control :)

November 02, 2012

I started my day with something sweet today. I mean I got to learn new things. Meet new experiences. Isn't it sweet?  It is. I need no denying statement. Because i wake up early : Do something beneficial at least. I did it alhamdulillah.

Why in this world I am talking about MINDSET.

I have sigh for zillion times : english susah english susah english susah. Making myself ionized by the negative charges and repelling every ion ion positive english taught and this is not chemistry. Haha. Back in high school : Perempuan ini selalu berlagak konon dia power english jadi cuma memandang english dengan mata kanan yang disepetkan. Tetapi kenyataannya tidak seperti yang dilagak-lagakkan meowm meow * k sila sepak aku dengan kelajuan 300mbps * and now they cursed me now. I am currently learning Technical English. Its like learning the factors of the language itself and for whom yang allergic dengan bahasa atas sebab mungkin mereka menggunakan bahasa alien dalam pertuturan seharian : A-level English Language bukan untuk anda *muka serious*

So I guess my first impression learning this english language wasn't that good : So the MINDSET jadi harden. Its like I never say senang for english and keep the stress hells up. *muntah pelangi*  .

While doing past year paper : You know one kind of feeling masa jawab exam kan , for sudden jumpa satu question ( I mean lots of questions that seems to be alike )  : and your responds sounds like this : WEHHH PEBENDA NI, TAK PERNAH BELAJAR PUNNNNNN  dan perasaan untuk bertukar kepada herbivor dengan memakan kertas periksa tetiba memuncak. Phewwwww.

Dek kerana terlalu banyak hiperbola dan neuron neuron kepala yang menunjukkan sign negative terhadap english. I decided to change the M.I.N.D.S.E.T.

Keep Calm. Calm down.

Textbooks seems to be so boring and I dived into the internet, search for new websites for english. And I found one. Coincidentally. I just love coincidence. I started to read through and yeah , bila kepala rasa kosong, ion semua di neutralize. Ohh i am flying in the air ( sambil duduk depan kipas meja rambut terbang terbang ) . I feel blessed .

The decision of making a short meet with my previous english lecturer wasn't a waste.At All. Terima Kasih Miss Wani :)) . I got lots of new tips. Recalling back what I've read the night before and the feeling is awesome. The meet :  It was unplanned. Just wanted to do so. I text her. She replied me a bit late ( disaat aku pasrah je dengan english ) and alhamdulillah she does not dissapoint me. We arrange a meet, thought of making it yesterday but then she's busy so Friday is the day. " Bila fikir balik , macam malas je nak pergi Intec. Its jumaat. Its early in the morning. I got no class. I got no exam. I can sleep as long as I can. Sejuk pulak tu pepagi. " ( sedap wooo tidur pepagi sejuks sejuks ) But I rejected my mind sebab : I need to settle this things up. And Allah make it a success.

I guess the mindset need more time to change.

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