November 15, 2012

I've been tortured by the unmentioned thingy. you know what I mean : its the T.W.I.T.T.E.R , obvious.

DEAR YOU, this post is meant to be yours.

You know when the time you burst all your anger into curse words. I hate it . It happened and bravo you for driving my emotions upside down. I am so gonna shout it out here. 

Kau apaaaa yang tak puas hati dengan aku. Tell me. 

It's been a while after I had a personal post like this. One to One post. Screw you human. Hey this is a place that offers me A Freedom Of Speech. If you said that you franked your words all the way. Why I can't? Besides who's in the wrong stand now? Am I so  wrong to tell you the truth. And why in this world I should be stupid enough to pull back my words, which I use no vulgar words. No taboo languages : I speak the truth. 

Hey I make no mess in your life . I make no mess. You're the one who feel the tweets were meant for you. Seek before everything. Pergi mampussss la. K fine aku terasa because I knew you're pointing all your tweets to me. So what? Screw you for the second time. Sumpah rasa macam nak screw pakai spanar. 

I tell you what. 

Dont ever start any silence war. I can be violent enough with my words and thoughts. IF YOU WISH TO SEE ALL THE ANGERS IN MY EYES, mess up my life. I'll mess you even worse. 

serious said. Kau pernah nampak aku main main?


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