Shhhh. Tell no one, its our secret.

November 26, 2012

Have you ever been in this situation. Where someone rely on you to keep something as secret. But eventually you against your own word by telling the secrets to the third person : " Weh jangan bagitahu orang lain, aku bagitahu kau sorang je ni,  dia tak kasi aku bagitahu kau sebenarnya. " And fake people to the end.

Well you should know that : Once you did that , rumours spreading. The third person might tell the secret to the fourth person and the list goes down. Cerita asal bakal ditambah perisa. Implication might lead to prejudice and discrimination.

I know that most of human did this. Intentions : Not so clear. Even me myself did this before , I mean for times . I am a human, I've so much flaws inside me I admit it . You say NO huh, deniable shows the truth that lies on your name.

Human can't be trusted. Agree?

Once I've tell myself. Trust no one. 100%. Because human is unreliable for secrets. There're stuff that we need to keep to ourselves. Tell no one, its your secret. Thats why I tend to speak to the trees or even clouds. Bunyi cam orang gila? Well I'd say aku gila kalau aku cerita semua rahsia pada manusia. As the term : OUR doesn't fix to two person. Our can be a group of person, a society maybe. So once your secret is our secret, its not a secret anymore.

Like people updating status : Tiada siapa yang tahu apa perasaan aku saat ini . Biarlah rahsia  ( disertakan bersama hashtag ) #sedih #pilu #kecewa #heartbreak ( disertakan sekali emoticon sedih ) :'( <----- well you just let the whole world to know your feeling. Puih.


Sometimes ada jugak manusia yang pelik. Its like

A : Weh aku bagitahu kau sorang je ni. Jangan bagitahu orang lain.
B : Ye ye ye. Cerita laaaa ( muka kambing )

A : Wehh aku bagitahu kau sorang je ni. Aku tak bagitahu orang lain.
C : Trust me. Aku takkan bagitahu orang lain.

When B met C.

B : Wehh aku bagitahu kau ni , kau jangan bagitahu orang lain tau.A blaaa blaaa blaaaa.
C : Ehh camne kau tahuu? Dia kata dia bagi tahu aku sorang je. 

[ Awkward moment]

So never rely on human when its a secret. Lagipun when you say it : A Secret. Secret bukan ke sesuatu yang kita simpan. Kalau dah ditunjuk dan dicerita. Bukan lagi rahsia namanya .

So please, shhhhh tell no one, its our secret *devil laugh*

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