Driving license.

November 19, 2012

You know when everything in this world seems costly. Feel like driving a wheelbarrow je T.T

I've been pressuring myself regarding this. Major devastation I tell you. I've gathered confidence in driving dalam kelajuan yang comel :p and make Wira so useful. Bawak jenjalan dalam kawasan rumah. Gear paling tinggi I've used is Gear 2. Mahu tak rosak kereta. P tripple F and T. Pffft. When people asked : Najwa dah ada lesen. I can shout very loud : TAKDE. TAKDE. TAKDE. And some of them make awkward faces. Erk. Haha :p :p See , confidence is in my middle name :)

I've been planning about this driving thingy all this while. Lets say, in two years time, UK-going insyaAllah. And after three years, balik, habiskan CLP, Certificate of Legal Practice. Tup tup * memasukkan plan nak goyang kaki dua tiga bulan : devil laugh inserted * kena panggil kerja ke kan? Naya dibuatnya. I mean, you need to confront semua transport matter, living matter. Idk why I am thinking this but I'm dealing with all assumptions and possibilities.

So I consider driving license is a must. I guess? Kereta boleh negotiate . haha.

*sigh so deep*

I remember vividly how I first know how to make a car accelerate sebab aku nak menyapu. I tried so hard. Thinking on how to make the manual car to move. I tried once, gerak, second time : What did I do just now. What did I do to make it move just now T.T : BLANKED : I make a phone call to my bestfriend since she's taking the driving thingy. Ahaaaa I made it. I move the car back and forth and since the day I played my Wira almost everyday, secretly. Without letting my parents to know. I could be the reason why there's kesan kesan calar yang awesome pada kereta, blame all those pokok for being there. Har har har.

And now. This driving thingy is all around my head. Muntah hijau.

Oh I might even think how to drive in rains. Wasn't it hard. I guess so. Impressed with drivers. aha :)

gambar tiada kaitan dengan post. Adios :)

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