I feel like writing something inside here :) Regarding ignorance. The tittle should speak earlier.

Ignorance is my major failure in life. I rarely see people. Even if I am in crowd. So its very hard for me to remember people surrounds me , who I mean we met only once. Overtimes I felt so bad regarding my ignorance.

Lots of example in life I faced regarding this.

For example during HKSBP. Hari Kecemerlangan Sekolah Berasrama Penuh. * thanks for those people who try to call back my memory : terima kasih mengingatkan *

Like meeting Ajlaa back in TKC. We're in the same room for quarantine time. I even talk to them. I TALK TO THEM I TELL YUUUUUUH. But sadly I can't even remember them so well. T.T Ini sangat sedih. I can't even remember I talk to whom in that room. See how random I am at approaching people. Hur hur hur.  Thanks for Allah, we meet again. And thanks to Ajlaa for reminding me this.

I guess my head and my soul ain't working together. I mean at that particular time. Pergi Fully Resedential School International Symposium ( FRSIS 2011 ) pun sama. Please don't ask me whether I remember you or not. I failed. I tell you. Don't ever said to me : Kita pernah jumpaaa la kat bla bla, you even talk to me. Ouchhh. Ouchhhh. Pedih kepala guaaa nak mengingat.  Ingatkan saya perlahan lahan.

Cam orang tua 80 tahun perempuan ni T.T

There was once in 2009. I met a guy. He's a SDAR debater. I can't remember when I talk to him * when I met him pun aku  lupa : But I once said : if you're free, tengoklah I debate. * I said this. For God sake aku lupaa * . He's a Malay guy whom looks like a Chinese. I've misunderstood him as a chinese before. DIpendekkan cerita, I was in a debate against SBPI Gopeng. I really thought that I will be the best speaker for that game unfortunately the third speaker from the opposition was like so so so disappointing me. And during that game, mata aku melilau lilau tengok sekeliling and there's a guy who looks like a chinese guy smiled at me. I've told you I am very random kan, so I smiled back. Bila game tu habis and we loose I guess,   I dont feel that bad sebab I've give my best effort there, masa aku tengah dikelilingi senior debat BM, tanya pendapat about hows the game went. Okay ke tidak. The guy whom smiled at me tadi tu approach. And he was like saying : You're  bla bla bla. I love your style. Then aku anggukkan je. Sebab I taught oh biasaaaa laaa tu :p And I remembered Abg Ejam ( my senior debat BM ) said to me : Anis tak kenal dia ke? * aku geleng kepala * Abg Ejam pun cakap : Heyy dia tu debater SDAR, Dia datang sebab semata mata  nak tengok Anis debate. And I was like * jatuh rahang * * memanggil semula memori * * memory datang balik* ahhahaahahha :P Naaaa, I remembered his name : Aiman Nasardin :) and I apologized him for that. Dia dah agak dah aku lupa. Wakakaka :p

Masa form 2 jugak. Balik dari SMSAS for debate in Kedah. I was closed to Saser's debater. But I can't remember their names even their faces. They're way older than me pun. Hur hur hur. I still remember yang masa dah sampai Saser aku tak turun pergi toilet, seeing the saser boys mintak nombor dari tingkap * aku peramah , sila jangan salah anggap* Since I lost my 017 number back then, I even lost contact dengan mereka. Miahaha. Allah tak kasi bermaksiatt tu :P


Same goes pada Ainaa. I once asked her, how we actually knew each other. I mean even satu kelas law. I rarely talk to people sebab dulu masa first time masuk duduk sebab Mell dengan Aina Rokman. She remembered me the first time we talk ialah di atas bas. I am the one who start pulak tu. Again randomness. I ask her about law jugak rasanya. I asked nak law precise kat mana. Hur hur hur :P She said international law. So that's the start on how I knew her :)

I should apologize people for my ignorance. Bukan nak bajet retisss bila tulis benda ni. Just to spill out the memories I had back then. I guess up until now I never learn. Kau jangan suruh aku ingat tarikh kenal ke, anniversary ke. FAIL FAIL.

I will change this. Pray for me.

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