HOLIDAY. Feel blessed.

November 10, 2012

it's HOLIDAY PEOPLE!!! *K tetiba je semangat terabyte*

Happy Holiday to Me, I got 7 weeks of breaks . Oh Intec I love you for this. I am going to miss my Semester One so bad.  *singing birthday song* By the way : todays date is nice : 10/11/12 :)

camwhore in Ainaa's iPod. wakakaa :3

 To warga warga sekolah : You will definitely feel so blessed. Getting a long long holiday : breaks for hectic life , breaks from the school rules.  Yeah I felt it for years back then in Selandar. Everyone feels it. Except for SPM sitter *devils laugh*  Yeahh My  Mum feels so glad . At last she can enjoy tranquility being home with kids. I mean with me *gelak gelak kucing Parsi*

I was actually planning for a holiday. A swim. And I know it won't be a reality. Gheeesh menangis aku. My father is busy with the SPM thingy. Neither my sister nun dekat di Sains Rembau. I hate SPM for once , for not letting me and my family berjimba jimba like Simba The Lion King. Oh I am cursed with the holiday to stuck myself with the boys. I mean my younger brothers.  * feel like a mashed potato bababanana *

Motif post : Sebab Nak Shout Out Holiday.

thats all. Adios people.

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