The stories for a week.

February 08, 2013

Assalamualaikum. Hey blog. I miss you. Trillion times by zillion numbers. I missssss yaaaah.

Reasons why I abandoned you for a week. Is because.

    First , its because the hectic week itself. I couldn't spare a precious moment for myself sharing stories in the blog. Workloads, assignments , and meetings. So its unfair to leave them and give you my whole attention. Kih Kih Kih.

    Second, its because the slow siput seduts mengengsot punya line internet. Sad me is sad. Nak tunggu dashboard bukak pun berzaman. Nak bukak facebook pun nak kena load berghibuu kali. Untuk kali ke seratus lima puluh juta * singing * aku rasa fed-up nak load menatang ni. Done.

So this is one of the week I had in INTEC.My A-level days . Second semester. Feels the heat. Its getting tougher. In any ways I could say it becomes harder. Tak mampu nak review banyak, all I can do is to keep holding on. To stand  strong. Walking through the path written. Do the very best that I can do. Anything I would sacrife . For the A-level. Bila dah berusaha, dan usaha dan usaha lagi, its time for me to bertawakkal. Berdoa supaya everything gonna flow fine. Even with

Semalam ada orang tanya, preparations lagi berapa lama. Mencongak dalam kepala. Tinggal setahun beberapa bulan. Like seriouslyits the second month of my second semester. *terketaaq.*

Bliss life I had. Tolak tepi semua hektikus. I am enjoying it :3

Pictures in a week :p . Because a picture worth thousand words. Lemme show you thousands of words. Wahah.

I love this picture like so much. So I'll post it like everywhere. ahaha. Thanks Ainaa.

Feel the heat laaaa sangat kan. Berseronok je nampak. Lulz najwa.

Semalam je dah berjimba ke KLCC bersama anak pakcik Mashkuri. Its my first time menapak shopping complex for the second semester. What have I done in January. Study all the way huh? Did I? I did. haha

Nurul Aqila yang ayu memakai skirt. Wehehe. Oh please. I know you're reading this. 

menapak ke Kinokuniya. 3pm-9.30 pm. Sakannn sangat ==' 

redeeming book voucher is ain't that kind of easy. Just spent only a piece of the voucher. Two of the books. Got more :'p 

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