Cliche Najwa is cliche.

February 20, 2013

Maybe its because I just melted by Xoxo ( obviously fangirling over Remy Ishak. Wuuu wuuu ) so here you go, Xoxo. And suddenly I decided to change the tajuk because I couldn't relate what I am saying with XOXO. bhahahhaha. Lame me? I am.

Its rare for me to stay awake in front of the laptop. Making post. During week days. Where tomorrow my class would be at Eight. eight : i SHALL be sleeping at eleven. Even senanya tak tidur tetapi bergolek golek ke sana ke mari. Turun naik katil. Suddenly rasa nak pakai lotion *insert gelak sopan here* But thats the way I ajar myself to be on the bed at eleven without your phones or laptops on your hand. Miahahahha. Nampaknya it ain't working today. Sorry. 

I just did my Math homework. Yaaaa even banyak sangat side notes on the answers but still I'm satisfied with the little effort I show in the book. I get excited when I flip the book from the start to the end. I'm doing such a good effort here. Bravooo najwa. Bravo. 

I had my statistic exam today. Truthfully I feel suck. But yeah as a start, I guess a big O.K for that? Alhamdulillah . And Islamic Studies too. Even though it happened that I don't really remember some terms. Ignore the uneasy feelings. Done too. Economics and Math next week. Huhh Huuhhh Najwa chiaayo'

I got a statement that strikes inside my head. " Najwa is happy when she's studying, " Its my classmate who said that. Giving you credits Danial because the dua's. May Allah bless your life . Moga moga I feel like freaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaking happy by studying. Ameeen ameeen. 

By the way. I guess some people would perceive that I had a boring life. Kriks kriks. Or is it me who said so by viewing from another angle of my life and I'm the one who actually saying that its boring. Or what now? Najwa. Kau pelik. Tahu? Yes.  But they're wrong because I just feel that I successfully separate my personal life with the life I had in the college. I mean in the class. I enjoyed my personal life by talking, do weird things. Make people laugh. Hear to stories. Be the spirits for others. So I am not that kind of boring. If you know me by the heart not by the name. Gahhh terasa Hitler betul hidup :p 


The dotted line is for something I couldn't spill it out. But yeah. Its invisible . Only my eyes could see it through. Merepeks. 

Okay. I got no points here. Feel like talking. :3

RASAAAA NAK PRIVATE BLOG. Kbye. But I don't need too. Because I had my another personal blog :) kbyeeeeeeeeeeeee. 

If people got swag. We got gross. We don't grow. But we grossed *hands in the air* By the way I just dont get the idea why I am not looking at the camera. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. Well these girls is just too adorable right? O by any chance, we're the future lawyers :) May Allah bless the friendship till we're called Tok Nek, Tok Abah. Here after :) 

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