Menjauh itu lebih baik.

February 18, 2013

As I feel insecured about myself. I tend not to be hurt for the same reason. At the same place.

Yes. Even sampai sekarang. Masih. 

Then I tend to create boundaries in life. If I cross the line, I could never blame anyone else if I'm hurt. I will blame myself because its me who go against what I've been promising to myself.

To love you is one of the best thing could ever happen in my life. To leave you I guess would be one of the best moment in my life. But to feel that I loose you, damn it its hard to resist you from my mind. Why its hard. Why it seems easy on you. :'(

While I am writing this, I know that you don't even give a damn about my life anymore.
I realize where I am when I say this. I know who I am. I know.  Just I don't know why I am writing this as a piece of heart-saying.

For this time being.  1000 of guys couldn't beat the existence of you. In my heart. Did I just overdosed by the love potions? Cursed.

Kerana takut nak jatuh sekali lagi. Lebih baik untuk menjauh.
Kerana takut nak menangis lagi. Lebih baik untuk menjauh.

I don't know that did I make the right decision . I don't know whether I am stepping at the right path. But what I do is for me.

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